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Event Calendar 2018-19


Organisers seeking to avoid a major clash of events are urged to look also at the ECF Calendar at

www.englishchess.org.uk/event-calendar/.  See also ECF County championship schedule.




Main Yorkshire or National

Some Other Events

Junior Events

Jun 9

Enqlish Counties Semi-finals

all sections                         (report)

NCCU AGM (revised date), Leeds


Jun 16



Heywood Congress (16th & 17th)



Jun 29 to

Jul 1

Whitby Congress

Noel Boustred event      (report)



Jul 7

Enqlish Counties Finals, all sections, Yorkshire in 4  (report)



Jul 14



2018 UK Chess Challenge.

Northern Gigafinal          (report)

Jul 27 to

Aug 5

British Chess Championships

in Hull                                (report)



Aug 18-19

Chester-le-Street “World Cup”

Chess T'ment  (website) (form)



Sep 01 (Sa)

Darnall & Handsworth Rapidplay

FIDE-Rated                 (report)

English Women’s Champ’s

(31 Aug - 02 Sep)            (website)


Sep 08

British Blitz Champ. Qualifiers




Sep 14-16

Bradford Congress



2018 UK Chess Challenge.

(15-16) Terafinals Peterborough

Sep 22

YCA League Rd 1



Delancey UK Schools Northern Challengers, Liverpool (website)

Sep 28-30

Harrogate Congress (website)

Noel Boustred event    (report)

Northumberland Congress



4NCL Nottingham Congress



Oct 06

YCA League Rd 2



NCCU Pennine Cup, U-16 Teams, Ackworth    (report)

Oct 13

English Chess Federation, AGM,

Birmingham                        (report)

Oct 20

YCA League Rd 3



Yorkshire Junior Chess Day,

(WRJCA)                         (report)

Oct 26-28

Scarborough Congress

& Yorks. Champ’ship (report)


Nov 02-04

Hull Congress




Nov 10

NCCU U-120 Match (Sun 11th)

Merseyside v Yorkshire (report)

4NCL Rounds 1&2, Divs 1, 2, 3N


Yorkshire Junior League Rd 1


Nov 17

YCA League Rd 4


Bolton Rapidplay (Sun. 18th)

Girls' Chess Day (WRJCA)


Nov 24-25

British Individual Rapidplay

(Ilkley)             (website)      (report)



Nov 30-02


Preston Congress (30/11 – 02/12)



Dec 01

YCA League (1 match)


NCCU December Meeting, Leeds


YJCA Leeds Junior Congress

(website)  (form)



British Blitz Champ. Final

Newcastle-upon-Tyne   (website)


Dec 02

NCCU U-140 County Match

Lancashire v Yorkshire (report)




NCCU U-100 County Match

Lancashire v Yorkshire (report)


Dec 08

YCA League Rd 5


Co. Durham Congress (7th to 9th)

IS NOW CANCELLED   (website)


Dec 15

YCA League (1 match)




Dec 22





Dec 29





Jan 06

Hull Rapidplay (Sun. 6th)




Jan 12-13

4NCL Rounds 3 & 4, Divs 1-4



Girls' Chess Day (WRJCA)


Jan 18-20

4NCL Harrogate Congress


Nottingham Raidplay (Sun 20th)


YJCA York Junior Congress

(19th)                             (report)

Jan 26

(planned York Rapidplay is cancelled)

Stockport Rapidplay (Sun 27th)



Feb 02

YCA League Rd 6


Frodsham Congress (01-03)



Feb 03

Yorkshire v Lancashire, Bradford

Open, U-160, U-120          (report)



Feb 09-10

4NCL Rounds 5 & 6, Divs 1-4



Yorkshire Junior League Rd 2


Feb 16

YCA League Rd 7



Girls' U-11 Team Day


Feb 23

Doncaster Congress



YJCA Hull Junior Congress


Mar 02

YCA League Rd 8



Richard Palliser Simul v Juniors

(Tuesday, 5th)                  (notice)

Mar 08-10



Blackpool Congress


EPSCA U-11 zonals (9th)


Mar 16-17

4NCL Rounds 7&8, Divs 1, 2, 3N




Mar 23

YCA League Rd 9


Nottingham Congress (23rd-24th)


EPSCA Girls U-11

Yorks. team entered    (website)

Mar 30-31



EPSCA U-11 final (30th)


Apr 06

YCA League Rd 10



English Seniors' (over-50 and
over-60) Champs (4th-7th) (web)

Apr 13

Planned York Chess Experience is NOW CANCELLED


Yorkshire Junior League Rd 3

Apr 20

(Easter weekend)

Bolton Congress (19th-21st)

(entry form)


Apr 27

YCA League Rd 11


English Chess Federation

Finance Meeting, Birmingham (?)


ECF County Championships Preliminary Rounds


YJCA Wakefield Jun. Congress

(28th)                              website)

May 04-05

4NCL Rounds 9-11, Divs 1-4




May 11/12

& 18/19

ECF County Championships Quarter-Final Rounds




May 17-19

Calderdale Congress (17th-19th)




May 24-26

Huddersfield Congress, inc.

2019 Yorks. Champ.     (website)


North & West Yorkshire


Jun 7-9

ECF County Championships Semi-Final Rounds

South Lakes Congress (Kendal)

(entry form)


Jun 22





Jun 28-30

Whitby Congress

(entry form)



Jul 13

ECF County Championships Final Rounds



Aug 30 to

Sep 01

English Women’s Championship

in Hull                             (website)



Sep 20-22

Harrogate Congress

(entry form)