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Biographical notes on miscellaneous players from outside Yorkshire and Lancashire.

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James Percival Mollard


1873, Deptford, Kent (London from 1889)


08/02/1929, St. Thomas’s Hospital, Lambeth [probate]


Master mariner James Mollard (born 1844, Portreath, Cornwall) and Elizabeth Mollard (born 1845, Limerick, Ireland)


Marion Jessie Mollard, born 1870, Mile End, London; died 1883, Deptford, London

Kathleen Mary Mollard, born 1875, Deptford, London; died 1963

Elsie Maude M Mollard, born 1877, Deptford, London;died 1886, Deptford, London

Kenneth Mollard, born 1880, Deptford, London; died 1918

John Norman Mollard, born 1882, Deptford, London; died 1886, Deptford, London


to Emily Hastings Brunt (born 1875, Newport, Monmouthshire) in 1901, at Newport, Monmouthshire


Dorothy Elizabeth Mollard, born 1902, Hebburn, Northumberland

William Percival Mollard, born 1907, Arundel, Sussex

Charles James Spencer Mollard, born 1909/10, Portsmouth



03/04/1881 [census]: (elusive

05/04/1891 [census]: 34 Selby Road, Penge; electrical engineer

31/03/1901 [census]: 183 Malpas Road, Deptford; electrical engineer

02/04/1911 [census]: wife & children at 96 Kingston Road, Portsmouth; she a florist

02/04/1911 [census]: him a boarder at 36 New Road, Littlehampton; he a nurseryman

08/02/1929 [probate]: 10 Burnley Road, Stockwell, Surrey


There are reports of him playing club and county level chess at the various locations listed below.  A notice in a chess column, noting him taking up residence in Ilfracombe, mentioned he was a past Surrey champion.  At the 2nd Devon CA congress held in Exeter in April 1903, J P Mollard drew a game with Pillsbury, in a blindfold simultaneous display by the latter, a feat eclipsed by Miss M. Hunt of Barnstaple, who won her game.  (A reference to him playing correspondence chess for Suffolk against Norfolk clearly means Sussex against Norfolk.)  He played in both North of England v South of England matches, of 1893 and 1894


Newspaper reports of cricket, chess and tennis activity, and places of birth of children, identify his places of residence over the years as:

1873-1894: London area

1895-1897: Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland (played cricket for North Durham, so maybe lived at Hebburn)

1899-1901: Deptford (playing chess for Redhill)

1902-1903: Hebburn, Co. Durham (playing chess in Newcastle-upon-Tyne)

1903-1904: Ilfracombe, Devon

1904-1905: Manchester, Lancashire

1907-1909: Arundel, Sussex

1909-1913: Portsmouth, Hampshire

1914-1921: Southampton, Hampshire

1927: Portsmouth (place of death of wife

1929: Stockwell, Lambeth, London (residence at death per probate)

What precipitated these peregrinations is unclear, though it may have related to his work as an electrical engineer.

At some time from 1901 to 1909 he switched occupation from electrical engineer to nurseryman.  Whether this was before or after his wife became a florist is unclear.  An advert in the Portsmouth Evening News of 02/06/1909 read, “Geraniums, 5,000, mostly Ivy, double scarlet and white, from 1s. doz. – J. P. Mollard, Floral Hall, Kingston-road, Portsmouth.”  A notice of his nursery business going into receivership in November 1912 placed his business, Cussbush Nursery, in Arundel, and his home at 2 Orchard Road, Southsea (a district of Portsmouth).  Arundel is 3 miles north of Littlehampton, and this explains him and his wife being in different places in the 1911 census.



Harwood Clapham Moore


1868, Bath


Harwood Clapham Moore of Walton House Tyning Road Bath, died on 09/03/1914, per to probate records at 9 Portland Place, Bath.


Richard Harwood Moore (1838/39, Bath) and Sarah Jane Moore (née Targett, 1835/36, Bath) who married in 1865, in Bath.


Alfred Bartlett Moore, born 1869, Bath

George Ernest Moore, born 1872, Bath

Richard Herbert Moore, born 1976, Bath


to Selina Bessie Jayne (born 1868/69, Bristol), 1896, Penzance


Henry (“Harry”) William Harwood Moore, born 1897, Bath

Winifred Betty Jayne Moore, born 1899, Bath (known as “Betty”)

Douglas James Wentworth Moore, born 1902, Bath

Alice Mary Harwood Moore, born 1907, Bath



02/04/1871 [census]: 4 Victoria Terrace, Tiverton, Devon; father was an accountant’s clerk

03/04/1881 [census]: 13 Pulteney Gardens; father was now High Bailiff of Bath

05/04/1891 [census]: 13 Pulteney Gardens; solicitor (admitted a solicitor in 1890 per obits.)

1895 [directory]: 13 Pulteney Gardens; solicitor

31/03/1901 [census]: Kirklands, St Nicholas Road, Bath (family living in home of wife’s married sister and her family); solicitor

02/04/1911 [census]: Walton House, Tyning Road, Bath

1914 [directory]: 4 North Parade, Bath (business); solicitor

1914 [directory]: 14, The Tyning, Bath (home)

09/03/1914 [probate]: Walton House, Tyning Road, Bath; solicitor


He joined Bath Chess Club in his late teens, in the latter 1880s, and worked his way up to board 2 in the Bath team (with Edmund Thorold on board 1).  He played for Bath and Somerset through to the season of his death.  He shared 1st-2nd place in the club championship of 1908-09 (no play-off due to H C Moore being ill).  In 1909 (and probably before and after) he was a vice-president of the club.  He won the club handicap tournament in 1913-14, as he doubtless did in other seasons.  He played in both North v South matches, of 1893 and 1894.


The address where according to probate records he died was the home of Rev. Preb. Maurice Erskine Hoets M.A., incumbent of Christ Church.  An account of the funeral used the stereotypic “died at his home . . . ”, which was probably inaccurate, but serves to excludes hospital or a river etc.  The account mentioned the attendance by a number of members of the chess club.





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