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Biographical notes on miscellaneous players from outside Yorkshire and Lancashire.

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George William Lennox


1859, Hythe, Kent [censuses]


12/12/1908, Cardiff, Glams. [probate]


Congregational minister William Marshall Lennox (born 1830, Stirling, Scotland; died 1906,  Cardiff) and Lucretia Amelia Lennox (née Sykes, 1833/34, Holmfirth, Yorkshire), who married in 1855, in the Huddersfield reg. district, presumably at Holmfirth.


Mary Amelia Lennox, born 1856, Leeds

Alice Loudon Lennox, born 1857/58, Bedford

John James Lennox, born 1861, Tonbridge

Caroline Margaret Lennox, born 1862/63, Tonbridge


to Eliza Mary Hill (born 1859/60, Bodenham, Herefordshire), 1882, Cheltenham district, who died some time from 1891 to 1895.

to Shrewsbury-resident Mary Ann Muldoon Bewick (born 1873/74, Cardiff), 1895, Cardiff


Ivor Francis G Lennox, born 1885/86, Cardiff

Olive Loudon Lennox, born Jul/Aug 1890, Cardiff

both by first wife



-1861-1862- [births of siblings]: Tonbridge, Kent

02/04/1871 [census]: 58 Leeming Street, Mansfield, Notts.

03/04/1881: The Parsonage, North Place, Cheltenham, Glos.; newspaper office cashier

-1886-1890- [births of children]: Cardiff, Glams.

05/04/1891 [census]: 14 Coldstream Terrace, Cardiff; commercial traveller

1895 [directory]: 7 St James Street, Cardiff; stationer - business premises (“late Haynes”)

1895 [directory]: 254 Newport Road, Roath, Cardiff - his residence

1895 [directory]: note also John Lennox, litho printer, 18 Llanbleddian Gardens, Cathays, Cardiff – possibly his brother

20/04/1895 [marriage register]: 6 St James Street, Cardiff, printer and stationer (did he have both 6 & 7?)

1901 [directory]: 7 St James Street, Docks, Cardiff; stationer - business premises

1901 [directory]: 286 Newport Road, Cardiff

1901 [directory]: note also Lennox Bros., printers, West Bute Street (him and brother John??)

1901 [directory]: note also Rev W. M. Lennox (his father), 59 Connaught Road, Cardiff

31/03/1901 [census]: 286 Newport Road, Cardiff; printer and stationer


“Geo. W. Lennox” was the only Class I player in the 1889-90 Cardiff Chess Club Handicap, and so was presumably their strongest player.  He was Hon. Secretary and Treasurer of the club in 1890-91 (and quite possibly other seasons).  He conducted a chess column in the Cardiff Evening Express.

When H. E. Bird gave a simultaneous display in Cardiff on 18/02/1889, he was one on the two Cardiff players to win their games.

He played in the 5th British Amateur Championship, 1890, Manchester, finishing 7th out of 12 on 5½ out of 11.

He represented Cardiff on board 1 in inter-club matches, as for instance

on 12/04/1889, at Clifton, v Bristol & Clifton, scoring two draws with top Bristol player Nelson Fedden,

on 04/04/1891, at Neath, v Llanelly, scoring two wins against C S Read, and

on 22/04/1893, at Newport, v Newport, scoring 1-0 and ½-½ v. A Hobbs of Newport.

He played in both North v South matches, of 1893 and 1894.  His participation in these matches was by virtue of his Kentish birth, as he was resident in Cardiff at the time, not in England.



Hubert Foster Lowe


01/02/1861, Ettington, Warks. (6 miles SE of Stratford-on-Avon) [Balliol College Oxford Register]




14/06/1938, Kingston Hill, Surrey [probate]




Quaker farmer William Bevington Lowe (born 08/09/1811, Carrington, Warks.) and Rachel Jane Lowe (née Lloyd, 1824/25, Wednesbury; died 30/01/1904) who married 1850, Birmingham


John William Lowe, born 1855, Ettington

Mary Margaret Lowe, born 1857, Ettington

Sarah Beatrice Lowe, born 1864, Ettington


Oliver’s Mount School, Scarborough; then Clifton.  Admitted to Balliol College Oxford; matriculated 16/10/1879; scholar 1879-83, in Brackenbury science school, 3rd maths mods 1881, 1st Natural Science (Chemsitry) 1882 ; received B.A. in 1883; M.A. conferred in congregation 12/06/1886 [Balliol College Oxford Register, Alumni Oxonienses, Reading Mercury]


to Kathleen Mary Willmott (born 1859/60, Bayswater), 08/02/1888, Long Ditton, Surrey (by Rev. Arthur Foster Rutty M.A., headmaster of St. Johns school, Leatherhead – presumably a relative, e.g. cousin, in view of shared middle name) [marriage register]


Irene Helen Lowe, born 1890, St Pancras

Beryl Margaret Lowe, born 1893, St Pancras

William Geoffrey Lowe, born 1894, St Pancras

Humphrey Willmott Lowe, born 1896, St Pancras

Elfrida Florence Lowe, born 1898, St Pancras

and three others



07/04/1861 [census]: (elusive, but presumably in Ettington)

02/04/1871 [census]: Fosse Hill, Eatington (now spelt “Ettington”), Warks.; Herbert a scholar

03/04/1881 [census]: Fosse Hill, Eatington, Warks.; Herbert an Oxford undergraduate

08/02/1888 [marriage register]: St Andrews, Holborn; civil servant

05/04/1891 [census]: (presumably visiting) Fosse Hill, Ettington (then spelt “Eatington”), Warks.; assistant examiner in Patent Office

31/03/1901 [census]: “Egremont”, Manorgate Road, Kingston-upon-Thames; assistant examiner in Patent Office (place of birth now spelt “Ettington”; name of parish formally changed not until 10/11/1948)

30/05/1904 [share transfer]: “Egremont”, Manorgate Road, Kingston Hill (Kingston-upon-Thames)

02/04/1911 [census]: “Egremont”, Manorgate Road, Kingston-upon-Thames; examiner in Patent Office

29/09/1939 [register]:


At Oxford University was on the chess club Committee at least in1884.  Was not strong enough to get into the 7-board teams which played annually against Cambridge University, but represented the university in other matches over period 1882 to 1886, such as Oxford University v Oxford Town, OU v City of London CC and OU v Clifton; also for Combined Universities v City of London CC on 30/03/1886.

After leaving university he played primarily at and for the British Chess Club in London, being that club’s assistant secretary in 1886-87, and secretary in 1887-88, and presumably later.  He did represent other clubs from time to time, e.g. Thames Valley in 1901.

He played in both North of England v South matches, of 1893 and 1894.

He played in the 1901 Kent CCA congress, in Section B of the Open, finishing 3rd out of 6 on 3 out of 5, so not reaching the inter-  section play-off.  He played for England in the 1902 cable match played 15&16/03/1902, on board 8 out of 10 boards, drawing with C. J. Newman.

Thereafter there seem few reports of his being active in chess, though he played in a 1923 Civil Service v Surrey match.


He started his employment as a civil servant at the Patent Office in 1885, as an “Assistant Examiner”, and was promoted to “Examiner” in 1904.  The “examination” process was presumably the assessment of applications to patent inventions etc, and his scientific educational background will probably have been relevant.





Stephen John Mann

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