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Biographical notes on miscellaneous players from outside Yorkshire and Lancashire.

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Frederick Ernest Phillips


1854, Litchurch, Derby


24/10/1931, 11 Cromley Road, Woodsmoor, Stockport, Cheshire [probate]


Telegraph instrument maker Edwin Phillips (born 1817/18, Birmingham) and Elizabeth Phillips (née ?, 1821/22, Edinburgh)


Emma V Phillips, born 1847/48, Covent Garden, London

Elizabeth F Phillips, born 1849/50, Litchurch, Derby

Edwin Phillips, born 1851/52, Litchurch, Derby

Walter Sydney Phillips, born 1857, Litchurch, Derby

Margaret Mary Phillips, born May/Jun 1860, Litchurch, Derby

Albert Phillips, born 1863, Litchurch, Derby


to Mary Ann Bell (born 27/03/1861, Isle of Man; dau. of William Bell, shoemaker; bap. 17/04/1861, Castle Town, IoM), on 16/10/1888, at the parish church of Malew, IoM, by Hugh S Gill, vicar.


Edwin William Harold Phillips (known as Harold), born 1889, Alvaston, Derby; bap. 25/08/1889, Chapel of St. Mary, Castletown, IoM

Frederick Cyril S Phillips  (known as Cyril), born 1890/91, Alvaston, Derby

Kenneth Bell Phillips (known as Kenneth), born 1892, Derby; bap. 31/07/1892, Chapel of St. Mary, Castletown, IoM

Maurice Lewin Phillips, born 1893, Derby (known as Maurice)

Percy Ross Phillips, born 1895, Derby

Eric Gladstone Phillips, born 1899, Derby (known as Eric)

A Railway Family

Kenneth, after 6 years with the Midland Railway, sailed on 25/03/1913 to become Assistant Traffic Manager of the North Borneo State Railway.  Brother Cyril was already working with the North Borneo State Railway.

Cyril became chief mechanical engineer and Traffic Superintendent of the Borneo State Railways, becoming General Manager, with headquarters at Jesselton, British North Borneo, in 1930.



30/03/1851 [census]: Regent Street, Litchurch, Derby; father a machinist journeyman

07/04/1861 [census]: 72, Regent Street, Litchurch, Derby; father a telegraph machine maker; Frederick a scholar

02/04/1871 [census]: 4 Wilmot Street, Derby; father a telegraph machine maker; Frederick a railway clerk

03/04/1881 [census]: (elusive)

16/10/1888 [marriage register]: Osmaston, Derby; railway clerk

05/04/1891 [census]: 4 Gilbert Terrace, Osmaston, Derby; railway clerk

31/03/1901 [census]: 192 Kedleston Road, Derby; railway clerk in clearing office

02/04/1911 [census]: 12 Crompton Street, Derby; chief clerk with Midland Ralway

In March 1921 he retired from the Midland Railway, after 50 years’ service, mainly in the clearing office (per Derby Daily Telegraph, 15/12/1930), and evidently moved at some stage to live in his wife’s native Isle of Man.

24/10/1931 [probate]: Heron Dene, Ballasalla (2 miles NE of Castletown), Isle of Man


Frederick Ernest Phillips died on 24/10/1931, at 11 Cromley Road, Woodsmoor, Stockport, Cheshire


Evidence exists of his chess activity over at least the period 1876 to 1907, whereafter he becomes more noticeable in politics, as a member of the Derby Liberal Association, or as an activist in connection with perceived flaws in the Poor Law.  As a Derby-resident railway employee, he was naturally a member of the enterprising Midland Railway Institute Chess Club, which was based in Derby.  He also represented Derby itself, and Derbyshire.  He was one of those attending the meeting at which the Derbyshire Chess Club was formed, on 05/10/1881, in Low’s Restaurant, Victoria Street, Derby, and the meeting unanimously elected him club captain.

He played in both the North of England v South matches, of 1893 and 1894.


Articles in the Sheffield Daily Telegraph of 10/03/1913 and the Derby Daily Telegraph of 15/12/1930 identify this “F E Phillips” as a chess-player who was father of Cyril and Kenneth, the three having worked for the Midland Railway, so identifying the chess-player “F E Phillips” for certain.





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