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Biographical notes on miscellaneous players from outside Yorkshire and Lancashire.

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William Joseph Ingoldsby


1857, Richmond, North Yorkshire


26/04/1857, Richmond, by Thomas Eardsley Wilmot Blomefield, 3rd Baronet


01/08/1937, age 80, at Southend Municipal Hospital


James Ingoldsby (born 1823/24, Barton-on-Humber, Lincs) and Mary Ann Ingoldsby (née Haywood, 1835/36) who married in 1856 in Richmond (reg. with no “S”)


Frederick John Ingoldsby, born 1858/59, Richmond (reg. with no “S”)

Frances Sarah Ingoldsby, born Nov/Dec 1860, Richmond (reg. with no “S”)

Maude Fraser Ingoldsby, born 1872/73, Darlington, Co.Durham (twin) (reg. with no “S”)

Ethel Harvey Ingoldsby, born 1872/73, Darlington, Co.Durham (twin) (reg. with no “S”)




Q4 1898 to Ellen Mary Herr King (born 1862/63, Fornham All Saints, Suffolk), Wandsworth


Frederick J Ingoldsby, born 1898/1899, Chertsey, Surrey



1861 [07/04/1861]: 6 West Terrace, Richmond

1871 [02/04/1871]: Blomefield House, Darlington (school); pupil

1881 [03/04/1881]: 11 Askew Crescent, Chelsea; clerk in Registrar General’s office

1891 [05/04/1891]: 1 Fordain Villa, Beauchamp Terrace, Handsworth, London; clerk in Registrar General’s office, Somerset House

1901 [31/03/1901]: Laurel Cottage, Loudon Street, Chertsey, Surrey; civil service, General Register office, Somerset House

1911 [02/04/1911]: Lothian House, Park Crescent, Southend on Sea; assistant superintendent of records, general register office

01/08/1937 [probate]: 16 Dowsett Avenue, Southend on Sea


Record of chess activity of “W. J. Ingoldsby” in connection with the city of London Chess Club appeared in newspapers especially in the 1890s, and then in connection with Southend Chess Club, on whose committee he served in 1910-11, and probably before/after that.  He played in the 2nd British Amateur Champion ship held in London in 1887, in the 4th in London in1889, and the 7th in Hastings in 1895.  He played in both North of England v South matches, in 1893 and 1894.  He played in the 1896 Simpson’s Divan tournament.


It appears the family surname was originally “Ingoldby”, without an “s”, which is another form of the surname commonly encountered, but that the form “Ingoldsby” became adopted somewhere along the line.  Some birth and marriage registrations appear to have been made without the “s”, as noted above.  Also, a probate list entry regarding William Joseph Ingoldsby started “INGOLDBY or INGOLDSBY William Joseph”, suggesting the change had been made unofficially during the chess-player’s lifetime.  In censuses prior to 1901, when the surname was supplied to census enumerators by father James Ingold(s)by or by a school, the “s” was absent, but as soon as the chess-player was the householder supplying the surname, the “s” was present.  In particular, W. J. Ingoldsby himself included the “s” on his 1911 census return, both where he entered the names of the members of his household, and where he signed the return, in both cases putting a backward hook (a cursive “s”) between the “d” and the “b”.  His chess activity was seemingly always under “Ingoldsby” to the extent that any occurrence of “Ingoldby” would have to be regarded as a typographical error.



Ernest Jones-Bateman


1862, Sheldon, Warwickshire


04/05/1862, Sheldon


18/06/1929, aged 67, at his home, 11 Portland Avenue, Exmouth, Devon


Rev. John Burleton Jones-Bateman (born 21/06/1825, London; died 29/10/1910, Sheldon), rector of Sheldon 1849-1910, and Mary Jennens (1834/35, Birmingham) who married on 01/06/1853.


Marian Jones-Bateman, born 1854, Solihull; bap. 05/11/1854, Sheldon; died 09/03/1933

Percy Lisle Jones-Bateman, born 1856/57, Solihull; bap. 04/10/1857, Sheldon; died 25/10/1897

Llewellyn Jones-Bateman, born 08/02/1859, Solihull; bap. 03/04/1859; died 1889

Cecil Jones-Bateman, born 08/10/1860, Solihull; bap. 02/12/1860; died 14/10/1945

Lilian Jones-Bateman, born 1863/64, Sheldon; bap. 02/08/1863, Sheldon; died <= 1925

Wilfred Jones-Bateman, born 12/02/1865, Sheldon; bap. 02/04/1865, Sheldon; died 28/07/1937

Hastings Jones-Bateman, born 1865/66, Sheldon; bap. 06/05/1866



Georgiana Herbert Strong, 1905, Exeter, Devon





02/04/1871: Rectory, Sheldon, Warks. – parents, 6 children and 8 servants

03/04/1881: Rectory, Sheldon, Warks.; bank clerk – parents, 4 children and 6 servants

05/04/1891: 90 Jermyon Street, Westminster; boarder living on own means

31/03/1901: 30 Winchester Road, Hampstead; boarder, gentleman

02/04/1911: 11 Portland Avenue, Exmouth, Devon


His participation in major events ran from about 1890 to about 1900.  He played club chess for St George’s Chess Club in London.  He played in some of the Counties’ Chess Association Congresses and British Chess Association congresses.  He played in both North v South matches of 1893 and 1894.


Births of him and his siblings seems not to have been formally registered.  Family seems to have had much money from some source.  Paternal grandfather had been a solicitor.  Father looks to have been one who prefixed “Jones-” to surname Bateman.  His father and brothers Percy, Llewellyn, Cecil and Wilfred all went to Cambridge University.

Lived adult life initially in London.  Moved to Exmouth, Devon, in 1904.  Per obituary (The Western Times, 21/06/1929), he “on account of indifferent health, did not take an active part in local affairs at Exmouth, but he was a good friend to local charities, and was well known, being a member of the Gentlemen’s and Cranford clubs.”  The obituary mentioned he had been a noted chess-player in London.





Stephen John Mann

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