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04/08/2020, updated 19/08/2020

Congress Calendar 2020-21

(updated19/08/2020 with regard to Harrogate)


The overall picture across the country is evident on the ECF Calendar (http://www.englishchess.org.uk/event-calendar/).


There is a massive proliferation of on-line chess, but for traditional over-the-board congresses, most imminent congresses have “CANCELLED”, “POSTPONED”, or in one case “SUSPENDED” pasted, so to speak, across their entries in the Calendar.


“Up North” the last congress to take place before lock-down was the Blackpool Congress of 13-15th March (though it seems results for grading may not have made it to the ECF for some reason).


Imminent o-t-b congresses are mostly cancelled, but some organisers are struggling on, planning distancing strategies and other Covid security considerations.  Some of those trying to go ahead are finding their venues feel unable to go ahead with the bookings due to Codiv-19 considerations.  The following summarises how things look.


18-20 September

Bradford Congress



25‑27 September

Northumberland Congress

As notified earlier, Mike Riding is pressing ahead with this event, and is fully aware of the need for radical Covid‑19 security measures

23-25 October

Scarborough Congress



but 2021 Congress already being advertised.

They attempted to press ahead with 2020, but the venue felt it could not proceed.

23-25 October

Harrogate Congress

Noel Boustred was planning to go ahead with this.  Though it was originally scheduled for 25-27 September, he was considering trying to move it back to the vacated Bradford slot, but now it appears he has moved it to the vacated Scarborough slot in the calendar.

30-01 Oct/Nov

Hull Congress

Cancelled as notified earlier,

but some kind of on-line event planned instead.

They attempted to press ahead with 2020, but the venue felt it could not proceed.

However, the 2021 event (22-24 October) is being advertised.

23-24 November

British Rapidplay



but 2021 Congress already being advertised (27-28 November), with new venue, in Horsforth, Leeds


Then there is something of a light at the end of the tunnel,

which may turn out to be in the nature of Will o’ the Wisp or a case of Gibbering the Kibber, or it may be just a mirage.


03 January

Hull Rapidplay

Going ahead, as at present


17-21 February

Northumbria Masters

Going ahead having been moved from 23-27 August, though they have not updated their own website accordingly (despite me telling them)!!


26-28 February


Doncaster Congress

Hmmm.  Uncertain as at present, see website http://mannchess.org.uk/doncong.htm