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4NCL On-Line League Semi-Finals


Results of the 3 Yorkshire teams in the semi-finals, played on Tuesday 23/06/2020, were as follows.  First-named team in a match had White on board 1, with colours alternating down the boards.


The line-up of teams in Division 1 was a little disappointing in that Anglian Avengers 1 defaulted.  The reason is not evident, but doubtless there is a reason.  The Suffolk Chess website (http://www.suffolkchess.org.uk/) covered the team’s quarter-final result, but has yet to comment on the “no show” in the semi-finals.  (Let’s hope it is not another “cheating” ruling.  Postscript: that in fact turned out to be the case, see here.)


The link to the on-line live view of the board 12 game was initially wrong, pointing to an earlier-concluded game, but this was remedied within the first 5 minutes.  All four games started with fighting openings on both sides of the board, and so provided good spectator material.


In the end, Chessable White Rose 1 got through to the Division 1 final with a 3-1 win.  Chessable White Rose 2 lost 1-3 in Division 2.  Chessmates drew 2-2 on game points, still drawing on board count, but winning on board elimination, so getting through to the final of Division 4 by an angstrom of tooth-skin.  (Click on “play” to play through game in question on screen.  More games to be added later.)



Division 1



Chessable White Rose 1


Wood Green Monarchs


Jones, Gawain C B


Harvey, Marcus R


Adair, James R


Greet, Andrew N


Emms, John M


Houska, Jovanka


Sielecki, Christof


York-Weaving, Richard


Chessable White Rose meet Guildford Young Guns in the final



Division 2



Chessable White Rose 2


ChessPlus Beta


Barrish, Daniel


Ni, Viktorija


Keetman, Maaike


Bruhn, Boris


Gayson, Peter M


Agafonov, Yuri Dr


Busuioc, Alexandra


Imanovs, Elhans



Division 4



Bon Accord B




Koroglou, Viktor


Tomlinson, Zak


Jennings, Richard


Catt, Peter


Vasiliadis, Theodoros


Fisher, Neal


Brennan, J Ross


Webster, Vivien


Chessmates meet Celtic Tigers Cubs in the final