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Yorkshire Chess Association Annual General Meeting

Saturday, 16th June 2018

Holiday Inn Express, 80 Ferensway, Hull

(A web report, not the official minutes; photographs by David Mills.)


The YCA held its 2018 AGM in Hull as guests of the Hull & District Chess Association.  There were 17 attenders:


Name (office/job)


Jim Burnett (President)


Noel Stewart (Secretary, Junior Chess, NCCU Delegate)


Richard Boylan


Jon Griffith (Grader)


Tony Slinger


Steve Hodge


Stephen Greep


Steve King


Peter Shaw


Dave Tooley


Jeremy Hamm (U-180 Captain)


Steve Mann (Year Book, ECF Delegate)


Paul Kendall


David Mills (U-140 & U-120 Captain)


Stephen Burton (Treasurer)

West Leeds

Rupert Jones (U-160 Captain, NCCU Delegate)


Andrew Zigmond (Competitions Controller)


(See photographs of the meeting in progress.)


Thus 8 of the 16 “Constituent Member” organisations (clubs) were represented.  Rival attractions to the west of the county included the Heywood Congress.  On the other hand, cancellation of the Beverley Folk Festival meant David Mills was able to attend.


Reports, which mostly appear linked to the agenda on this site, were much as usual, though the success of the county as regards inter-county team competitions was particularly to be noted.


On the down side, it was evident that income is not currently adequate to meet routine running costs, let alone rising county-team costs.  This could not be addressed at the last AGM due to that meeting being inquorate, but affiliation and team-entry fees were increased.  (See below.)  Increased activity in Northern county team events and success in progressing to the national stages were also creating financial problems to be addressed.  The Executive Committee was charged with considering what further provision might be appropriate to bring finances into better balance overall.


The discontinuing of the yorkshirechess.org website was noted, and it was agreed that http://mannchess.org.uk/YCA.htm (this website) be regarded as the new “YCA website”, which function it is already fulfilling in most respects.


The meeting saw Jon Griffith's final bowing-out from running his independent grading system, which impacts one way or another on all Yorkshire chess organisations.  Hull & DCA took the opportunity of making their own presentation to Jon as a token of recognition of his services over the years.  (See photograph of presentation.)


Trophies were presented as follows:


Woodhouse Cup

to Noel Stewart on behalf of York RI A

I. M. Brown Shield

to Andrew Zigmond on behalf of Harrogate A

Silver Rook

to Stephen Burton on behalf of West Leeds

Hardcastle Shield

to Jon Griffith

(See photographs of presentations.)


John G Cooper of Hull was expected to appear with the Yorkshire Championship trophy (already in his possession as 2017 winner), to receive it formally, but that didn’t happen.  The individual and team correspondence chess trophies were not present, any more than were their winners.


Election of Officers


Elections and appointments were as follows:



Jim Burnett

Deputy President

A Jon Griffith

Hon. Secretary

Noel Stewart

Hon. Treasurer

Stephen Burton

Hon. Competitions Controller

Andrew Zigmond

Hon. Sec. for Junior Chess

Noel Stewart

Hon. Controller Correspondence Chess

Phill Beckett *

Hon. Grader

Steve Mann

Hon. Minutes Secretary

Noel Stewart

Hon. Registrations Secretary

not needed

Match Captain: Open

Peter Ackley

Match Captain: U-180

Jeremy Hamm

Match Captain: U-160

Rupert Jones

Match Captain: U-140

David Mills

Match Captain: U-120

David Mills **

Match Captain: U-100

Harry Feather **

NCCU Delegates (2 from)

N Stewart, R Jones, S Mann

ECF Delegate

Steve Mann

Year Book Editor

Steve Mann

Website Manager

Steve Mann


Simon Watson

* Post omitted from agenda, so PJB assumed here to be continuing.

** These will swap round if Harry Feather's grade goes over 99.


Fees for 2018-19 were fixed as follows:


Annual Fees


Constituent Member (CM) affiliation . . . . . . . 

£20.00 per club/association

(up from £10)

League entry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

£20.00 per team

(up from £10)

Affiliated Membership Fee:




Adults . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .




Juniors (under 18 at 01/09/16) .



Life Member Fee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

(not set)


Individual Membership Fee



Correspondence Chess:




Kitchen Memorial . . . . . . . . . . . . .


(as per Rule D3)


Avison Shield . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


(was £5 *)


County Match Fees & Petrol Allowance


Board fee per match:

waged player . . . . . .


(up from £4.00)


unwaged player . . .


(up from £2.00)





Petrol allowance

(see below) . . . . . . .

20p / mile



* Entry fee for Avison Shield was set as zero as it was believed the Controller does not in fact charge a fee as no costs are incurred in the age of correspondence chess being played on web servers.


Constitution and Rule Changes


The following changes were all to bring present wording in line with actual practice.  No substantive changes result.  (More had been withheld by the proposers in the interests of limiting duration of the meeting!)  Accordingly:


Rule 4b now reads as follows,

Affiliated Member: Any member of a CM organisation who plays in the Yorkshire league competition shall be deemed an Affiliated Member for the season, provided any annual subscription defined by the AGM has been paid.


Existing Rule 4c is relabelled as 4d, and a new Rule 4c has been added, to reading as follows,

Individual Member: Any member of a CM organisation shall be eligible to become an Individual Member on payment of the annual subscription defined by the AGM. 


Rule A8 first sentence now reads as follows,


All players in these competitions shall be members of their CM organisations and be Affiliated Members as defined under the Constitution.


Rule A13 now has the following added:


The penalty for infringement of this rule shall be that specified for infringement of rule A14.


Rule A20 (after an amendment to the original proposal) now reads as follows:


All games shall be played in accordance with the Laws of Chess as published with the authority of FIDE except as otherwise provided for by the YCA Competition Rules.


Add to the present Rule A23 the following sentence,


Each team shall be awarded two points for a match in which its game points total exceeds that of the opposing team, and one point for a match in which its game points total equals that of the opposing team, except that no match points shall be awarded for a doubly defaulted match.


Format of the League for 2018-19


Calderdale A and Huddersfield were relegated from division 1 to division 2.  Harrogate A accepted promotion from division 2 to division 1.  Prior to the meeting, Sheffield C declined promotion from division 2 to division 1 so the promotion option was offered to Alwoodley A who accepted.  Sheffield D would have been relegated from division but had withdrawn.  Pontefract was relegated from division 2.  West Leeds and Dewsbury both accepted promotion from division 3 to division 2.  That leaves only five teams in division 3.  The make-up of the league for 2018-19 will thus be as follows, subject to late entries:


Woodhouse Cup

I. M. Brown Shield

Silver Rook

York RI A

Calderdale A


Sheffield A


Bradford B

Rose Forgrove A

Sheffield C

Alwoodley B

Hull DCA A

Hull DCA B

Wakefield B

Bradford Central

Rose Forgrove B

Harrogate C

Bradford A



York RI B

Wakefield A


Sheffield B

Calderdale B


Leeds CCCC A

Harrogate B


York RI C

York RI D


Harrogate A

West Leeds


Alwoodley A




It is humorous to those who remember playing in the league before a third division had come into existence, how shrinkage of the league is hailed as imminent collapse!  Back in yesteryear, the Yorkshire league's two divisions (with 10-board Woodhouse teams) meant 1188 individual games were due to be played in season.  This coming season 1216 games will be due to be played.


Yorkshire Individual Championship 2019


The 2018 Yorkshire Individual Championship is already scheduled for Scarborough, 26th-28th October (see entry form).  The option of hosting the 2019 Yorkshire Individual Championship fell by rotation to the Huddersfield Congress who accepted.  (That congress will be held on the Fri-Sun of the Bank Holiday weekend at the end of May 2019.)