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Links in the Agenda are to .doc(x) format (Word) documents, except NCCU Delegate's report which is .odt.

YCA AGM 16.6.2018

1pm. Holiday Inn Express, 80, Ferensway, Hull HU2 8LN


Opening Remarks – President of YCA

1.     Apologies for absence.

2.     Review and agree YCA AGM 2017 minutes.

3.     Matters arising from 2017 minutes (see item 10 i, ii, and iii), and all proposals in items 11 and 12.

4.     Matters arising from YCA Executive Committee Meeting January 2018 (see item 7 and item 10 i, ii, and iii)

5.     Officers’ Reports

i)       President

ii       Secretary (see here)

iii)    Treasurer

iv)     Competitions Controller (see here, also see league tables)

v)      Controller for Correspondence Chess (see here)

vi)     Grading Officer (besides GO report, see also this comment)

vii)   Match Captains (see Summary of Results)

viii)  NCCU Delegate (see here)

ix)     ECF Delegate (see here (AGM) and here (Finance))

x)      Website status update (‘report’) (see here)

xi)     Secretary for Junior Chess (see here)

6.     Other reports and updates:   junior chess (WRJCA (see here), et al.)

                                                                 British Championships

7.     Decision regarding prize(s) [up to £100 value] for best junior(s) at British Championships 2018.

8.     Presentation of Trophies

i)      Woodhouse Cup

ii)     IM Brown Shield

iii)    Silver Rook Trophy

iv)    The Hardcastle Trophy

v)     Avison Shield

vi)    Kitchen Memorial

vii)   Yorkshire Individual Champion

9.       Election of Officers

i)      President

ii)    Deputy President

iii)   Secretary

iv)   Minutes Secretary

iv)   Treasurer

v)     Competitions Controller

vi)   Secretary for Junior Chess

vii)  Grader

viii)  County Captains

a)      Open

b)      U180

c)      U160

d)      U140

e)      U120

f)       U100

Other Appointments

ix) Delegates to NCCU

x) Delegate to ECF

xi)    Yearbook Editor

xii)   Website Manager

xiii)  Auditor

xiv)  Honorary Life Members

10.   Fees and Subscriptions

i) Proposed that the annual Constituent Member affiliation fee be increased from £10 to £15 per club/association.

ii) Proposed that the annual league entry fee be increased from £10 to £15 per team.

iii) Proposed that the petrol allowance for county matches be reduced from 20p to 15p per mile.

iv) Proposed that the board fee for county matches be increased to £6 per board.

Decisions to be made on remaining fees, currently set:

Player Registration              Adults: set at nil

Juniors [under 18 on 1.9.18]: set at nil

Life Members: (not set)

Correspondence Chess:      Kitchen Memorial (set at £2 per player)

Avison Shield (set at £5 per team)

11.   YCA Constitution (Proposed amendments)

i) amend 4b to read as follows,

Affiliated Member: Any member of a CM organisation who plays in the Yorkshire league competition shall be deemed an Affiliated Member for the season, provided any annual subscription defined by the AGM has been paid.

ii) re-label the existing 4c as 4d, and add new 4c to read as follows,

Individual Member: Any member of a CM organisation shall be eligible to become an Individual Member on payment of the annual subscription defined by the AGM.

12.   YCA Competitions Rules (Proposed amendments)

i) Amend the first sentence of rule A8 to read as follows,

 All players in these competitions shall be members of their CM organisations and be Affiliated Members as defined under the Constitution.

ii) Add the following sentence to rule A13.

The penalty for infringement of this rule shall be that specified for infringement of rule A14.

iii) Amend rule A20 to read as follows,

All games shall be played in accordance with the Laws of Chess as published with the authority of FIDE.

iv) Add to the present rule A23 the following sentence,

Each team shall be awarded two points for a match in which its game points total exceeds that of the opposing team, and one point for a match in which its game points total equals that of the opposing team, except that no match points shall be awarded for a doubly defaulted match.

13. Format of the Yorkshire League 2018 -2019

14. Congress to host Yorkshire Individual Champion 2019 (Huddersfield – see minutes of AGM 2017)

15. AOB