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ECF Membership Renewal for 2020-21


ECF members’ e-mail in-boxes are receiving e-mails asking that people renew their ECF membership for the coming season 2020‑21.


The ECF is aware, of course, that many people will think that future gradable over-the-board chess is a long way off, and that they do not wish to renew their membership unless and until things get back to something approaching “normal”.  It is possible that for 2020-21, on-line chess will be the “new normal” for at least the immediate future for many players, while no competitive chess will be the “new normal” for very many more.


However, if we are to take an optimistic view, and look forward to something like the return of the “old normal”, then the ECF will need funding to keep ticking over in the meantime, so it will help if people renew their membership now, rather than when a tangible benefit is in sight.


Accordingly, the webmaster has renewed his membership this morning, in the knowledge that it may be little more than a donation of £18 to help keep the ship afloat.


It might be worth remembering that you can renew at a different level than before, then upgrade if necessary by paying the difference when the need arises.  Thus you could take out “Supporter” level membership (which will now be £10) for the purposes of ECF on-line chess activity, then upgrade to bronze, or whatever, if/when league chess restarts (don’t hold your breath).  This latter specific point was confirmed at the recent ECF Finance Council Meeting held by Zoom.  Equally, you can upgrade from any level to any higher level, as and when this becomes appropriate.


The Renewal Instructions


The renewal instructions in the e-mail sent out do not reflect the webmaster’s own experience too closely, but a chess-player with a grade over 100 should be able to cope, nevertheless!  When renewing, you do in fact go from step 1 to 5, so steps 2 to 4 are presumably appropriate only to taking out new membership.  Also, the term “pop-up screen” suggests something different from what actually occurs.


A point to note is that you have the option to add to your list of clubs.  The webmaster was down as belonging to two clubs, though the names are not both accurate (“Sheffield Chess Club” for “Sheffield & District Chess Association” – not quite the same sort of thing).  I was not enabled to add my main club, Rotherham.


The problem is that the list of clubs seems to come from the list available on the ECF website’s “Find a Club” page (https://ecf.azolve.com/clubfinder.htm), along with a location map, so if your club is one of the very many which have not added themselves then it will not be in the list.  I could not add Rotherham, my main club, as nobody has added Rotherham Chess Club.  (I once read on the English Chess Forum that somebody was surprised there were no chess clubs in Rotherham!  Actually there are three within scope of Rotherham MBC, though only one containing the word “Rotherham” in its name.)


ECF membership is so closely tied to the grading system that it would seem appropriate for this club list to tie in with those clubs active in the ECF grading system.  Unfortunately there is a lack of adequate integration of ECF computer systems across the board, and this causes recurrent problems with tying in new members with players in the grading system.