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Adrian Dawson


Adrian Dawson, of Halifax, died in the third week of March, 2020, as a result of lung cancer.


He was born on 29/08/1953 in Halifax, where, or whereabouts, he appears to have resided for his whole life.


By trade he was principally a self-employed property repairer.  However, once, when by an amazing coincidence I was in Halifax, walking down the road to the railway station, I was tooted from a side street and then whisked off down to the station by Adrian who was doing a spell of taxi-driving while the building trade was slack!


He appears to have first appeared in the Yorkshire league, for Halifax as it was then known (later Calderdale, of course), in the season 1983-84.  He appears around that time to have played for Hebden Bridge in the local league, where recently he appeared for Belgrave.  His last game in the I. M. Brown was on 06/04/2019.


He was in earlier years active in the YCA, being variously YCA delegate to the NCCU and ECF, and YCA Correspondence Chess Controller, besides serving in other ways, and in time he was made a YCA Honorary Life Member.


Around 2003 he was involved in the Calderdale Chess Congress, which, of course, is no more.


Further afield, he took on the BCF post for promoting chess in prisons, though his attention to the accountancy side of things appeared not to be all that was expected, but at least he tried!


As YCA nominee, he was president of the NCCU in 1995-96.


Locally, he had been the Calderdale Leagueís publicity officer, and from September 2012 through to April 2019 posted his own reports on Calderdale chess on ďAdrianís CornerĒ (http://adrian-s-corner.1080080.n5.nabble.com/) which ran in parallel to the official Calderdale League website.


In terms of playing strength he tended to frequent the hundred-and-something-teens for much of the time, though occasionally dipped below 100.  Grading-wise, his annus mirabilis came in 2012, with his all-time highest grade of 132 in the ECF January 2012 list, which grade he repeated in 2 later ECF lists.  Thereafter there was sadly a steady decline which latterly may have reflected declining health.


In and outside chess Adrian had strong opinions, and was something of an activist one way or another.  Andrew Zigmond says, ďAdrian was certainly a forceful personality but I always got on well with him.Ē


He never married, though he had at least one resident lady friend who I once met, and there were probably others.


Steve Mann




Dave Patrick contributes the following personal memories.


Yes, a real sad loss.  My fondest memories were when I was an up-and-coming player, if thatís the right phrase, in the late 80s and early 90s.


We had a very successful team in the national club championships which was in the minor, under‑125.  We won the title 3 times and the plate once.  During that period the team spirit was tremendous.  The team was Carl Spencer, about 190 now, Julian Chapman, 190, David Langfield (gave up), Adrian, Roy Darcy, me and a couple of others over the period whose names Iíve forgotten, apologies.  The team spirit was tremendous.  We didnít lose for 4 years.  We won the plate as we had to default in round 1 of the cup, due to bad weather I think.


I also played with him in the Calderdale B before graduating to the A team.  We won the 4th Division one year under the captaincy of Colette Thomas, Adrianís partner for many years.  Happy memories indeed.  Adrian contributed much to Yorkshire Chess and although I didnít agree with his anti-ECF stance, he was a decent human being.




Dave Patrick