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David Welch has Died


David Welch, former ECF Chief Arbiter as well as a FIDE arbiter and in his time trainer, died peacefully in the early morning of Saturday 9th November 2019, aged 74, after a long illness which started with a stroke.


David was born on 03/10/1945, in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, the only child of Harold Welch (born 29/06/1913, Chesterfield) and Eileen Welch (née Stringer, 02/04/ 1914, Warrington).


In his youth he was a member of Chesterfield Chess Club.  On one occasion, around 1967 at a guess, he was playing for Chesterfield in the Sheffield & District Chess Association’s first division (Davy Trophy), away to Sheffield YMCA.  He was playing against Paul Blackman, who was famous for playing fast to force his opponent to play as many moves as possible.  (The first time control then was one hour for the first 30 moves, and, as the playing session was only two hours, there was a relatively large numbers of games adjudicated after only 30 moves.)  Being somewhat rattled, David made some claim regarding Paul’s conduct.  Maybe it was the sequence of opponent moving, replying, and recording of the moves; who knows?  David waived his pen at Paul as he pontificated, and Paul grasped the pen, resulting in a bit of a to-do.


David moved away from Chesterfield, taking up a teaching post in Liverpool, and ending up as a member of Wallasey Chess Club, but his parent remained resident in Chesterfield until death, so for years he continued to visit Chesterfield from time to time.  His father died in 1979, and his mother in 2001.


In time, or course, David went on to become a BCF arbiter, adjudicating over such squabbles as described above, and ended up as Chief ECF Arbiter in recent years, and also became a FIDE arbiter.  In 2016 he received a FIDE Arbiters’ Award for long service as an International Arbiter.


He was the Chief Arbiter at the recent series of Sheffield Congresses, running from 2011 to 2017.  He was by that time “getting on”, and would take a nap during proceedings.  He was perhaps one of the last top-level controllers to do manual Swiss parings in weekend congresses.  At Sheffield 2017 there was a complaint from a GM regarding his pairings.  This complaint proved justified, and an analysis of the Open section pairings after the event showed a number of imperfections in the pairings, though most such as only the more-expert observer would notice.


Importantly, he was in the business not for himself but for the love of the game and the chance to help others – and to have a captive audience to which to spin yarns about his arbiting exploits.  He did not request huge fees for his contribution, when asked he said, “Just give me whatever the other section controllers get.”


Later in 2017 David was taken ill, apparently having a stroke, while acting as an arbiter at the Gibraltar tournament.  He went to hospital in Liverpool, and thence into a care home.  This of course put him out of further active participation in chess.


Steve Mann,