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More on Local League Policy on Grading


At a meeting on 24/07/2018, York & DCA changed its policy from the earlier one of having only its first league division ECF-graded, to having the whole league and individual championship ECF-graded.


Earlier, Calderdale had opted for Division-one-only ECF grading, with the second division regulated by “local” grades.


The position with the various leagues in Yorkshire is therefore as follows, as far as is known to the writer:



ECF grading of all divisions (previously only Div. 1)


ECF grading of Div. 1 only, local grading for the remainder


ECF grading of all divisions






ECF grading of all divisions (existing arrangement)


ECF grading of all divisions (existing arrangement)


ECF grading of all divisions


ECF grading of all divisions (a revision of earlier decision)


ECF grading of all divisions (existing arrangement)


Harrogate and Huddersfield league are the smallest and next to smallest leagues in Yorkshire.  Harrogate is not expected to adopt ECF grading.