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58th Hull Congress, 2021


The 58th Hull Congress, incorporated into the Hull 4NCL International Congress, was held from 22/1/2021 to 24/10/2021, at the Canham Turner Conference Centre, University of Hull, Cottingham Road, Hull, HU6 7RX.


There were three sections:







Peter Wells & Steven Jones

League Table

Under 2000


Tim Spanton

League Table

Under 1700


Joseph Catto

League Table





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Local player John Cooper scored a win in the Open over GM Mark Hebden.

Click here to play through the game John Cooper 1-0 Mark Hebden.


Mate Ther of Harrogate scored a win over higher-rated Neil Bradbury.

Click here to play through the game Mate Ther 1-0 Neil Bradbury.


Another interesting game from John Cooper was his last-round loss to David Maycock.  It may be that both players were in time trouble, as Black seemed not to find the best move at the end.  Was not 36. Bxe5 best and easily winning?  White seemed to be able to stay in the game with 37. Nf7+ at the end, but the game was chalked up as 0-1 without White making his 37th move.  Perhaps White lost on time and that detail was not recorded in the PGN file.

Click here to play through the game John Cooper 0-1 David Maycock.