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British Championships On Line


Open Championship to Date


We are about half way through the on-line version of the British Championships.  The period of play for its various sections were fitted into the period 21/12/2020 to 03/01/2021, with 24/25/26th December being “rest” days, to allow for Christmas, and 31st December and 1st January similarly reserved for New-Year festivities, such as are permissible under pandemic restrictions.


Choosing the Christmas/New Year period might seem inappropriate, but to accommodate juniors, it has to be during a long-enough school holiday, which is normally the summer holidays, but in present circumstances has to be the Christmas/New Year break.  Some adults may well have been deterred by the timing, but the course taken seems the lesser of two “evils”.


It is evident from other on-line chess events that those who engage with them represent a significant minority of those who usually engage with the corresponding over-the-board events.  This means winners might not be anywhere near the calibre of those who might be expected to have a chance of winning the o-t-b version of the event.  In this context, it is pleasing to see Michael Adams playing in the 9-round Open Championship.


Leading places in the Open Championship, after 6 rounds, are as follows:


Michael Adams (GM)

Matthew Turner (GM)


Ameet Ghasi (IM)

Daniel Fernandez (GM)


As Adams has already played (and beaten) Turner and Ghasi, he is due to meet Fernandez in round 7, leaving Turner and Ghasi to play on board 2.  The player who drew with Adams was Bogdan Lalić, who nevertheless represents less of a threat as he has only 4 out of 6 (+2, =4, -0).


Although past “Countdown” contestant Matthew Turner, who turned 45 years old earlier this month, now plays under the saltire of St Andrew (i. e. the Scottish flag), he grew up and initially honed his chess skills in Scunthorpe, which is not a million miles from Yorkshire, and some of us remember his father Peter, so it would be quite nice to see Matthew win, though if the webmaster were putting money on the outcome then that money would be riding on the Cornish whizz-kid as he once was, though, as he is 49, “kid” is not so appropriate now!


Websites to Watch


Championship games can be seen live at https://www.chess.com/events/2020-british-online-championship.


Women’s Championship games can be seen live at https://www.chess.com/events/2020-british-womens-online-championship.


Result to date can be found at http://chess-results.com/tnr543516.aspx?lan=1.


Yorkshire Entrants


Yorkshire players are hard to spot in the various sections, but there are some there, as follows, though I am bound to have missed somebody else hiding in the lists.


The 5-round Open Championship Qualifier included Robert Starley and Leo Keely, who finished 13th to 26th equal out of 118 players, each on 3½ out of 5, and did not qualify, and also included Sheffield’s Tom Wills who managed to score 4½, finishing 1st to 5th equal, and so qualified for the Open Championship proper.


The Blitz Championship includes Gawain Jones and is to be played today (30/12/2020), starting at 13.00.


The U-2000 event includes Ben Rich, Aaron Rich and Geoff Brown.  The final of seven rounds starts today at 16.00.


The Major Open Rapidplay includes Douglas Vleeshhouwer (currently in second place with one round to go).


The Under 2000 Rapidplay includes Aaron Rich and Jael J De Sousa Muachikape.


The Under 1700 Rapidplay includes Bradley Triffitt.


The Under 1400 Rapidplay includes Alan Riddle.


The Seniors Over 50 Qualifier included M Paul Townsend, who finished 18th to 26th equal out of 43 players, on 2½ out of 5, and did not qualify.


The Junior Rapidplay Under 18 included Jael J d De Sousa Muachikape, though he seems to have dropped out after two rounds.


The Junior Rapidplay Under 16 included Bradley Triffitt, who similarly seemed to drop of after one round.


The Junior Blitz Under 16 is due to include Bradley Triffitt.  This is to be played on 02/01/2021.


Meanwhile, Phill Beckett is serving as a Zoom arbiter in the Open Championship.



The full list of events (a few with no advertised entries) is:

Championship, (after a Champ Qualifier),

Championship Rapidplay,

Championship Blitz,

Women Championship, (after a Women’s Qualifier),

Women’s Rapid,

Women’s Blitz,

Major Open, ,




Major Open Rapid,

U2000 Rapid,

U1700 Rapid,

U1400 Rapid

Over 65, (after Over 65 Qualifier),

Over 50, (after Over 50 Qualifier),

Over 65 Rapid,

Over 50 Rapid,

Under 18,

Under 16,

Under 14,

Under 12,

Under 10,

Under 8,

Under 18 Rapid,

Under 16 Rapid,

Under 14 Rapid,

Under 12 Rapid,

Under 10 Rapid,

Under 8 Rapid,

Under 18 Blitz,

Under 16 Blitz,

Under 14 Blitz,

Under 12 Blitz,

Under 10 Blitz,

Under 8 Blitz.