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Yorkshire Pioneer On-Line League


The webmaster received on 05/12/2020 information that the earlier-mooted on-line inter-club league started last Saturday, 28/11/2020, so this comes to the website late.  Results from round 1 can be seen in a results webpage linked from the YCA website home page much as was normal for the now-suspended over-the-board league.  (There is also a link there to the LMS website.)


As will be seen, there are only 6 teams (increased to 8 by 05/11/2020), representing 5 YCA Constituent Members (clubs), showing that the majority of players lack the appetite for on-line chess, and are waiting for the re-emergence of over-the-board chess, which one cannot realistically hope to occur until autumn 2021 as far as the YCA o-t-b league is concerned.