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YCA AGM 2019 – Interim Report


Full details will follow, all being well.  Noel Stewart is producing official minutes, and Andrew Zigmond has sent out a “Must Read” e-mail, which reads as below.  The proposal for 4-NCL-style pairings was defeated by the smallest margin.  As Andrew comments below, the proposal for incremental time-controls in the Woodhouse Cup was passed (not yet compulsory in lower divisions), and from now Silver Rook teams will be of only 6 players.  Doubtless many will be upset by some of this.  There was an attendance of 20 people at the meeting, including representatives of Alwoodley, Bradford, Calderdale, Doncaster, Harrogate, Huddersfield, Hull, Leeds, Sheffield, Wakefield, West Leeds and York.  The other four Constituent Members (clubs) were absent, despite the contentious nature of many of the proposals for change being tabled.


Dear All


The YCA AGM took place Saturday 22nd June with some far-reaching decisions being made about the future of the league.


The two most significant changes will require action from some clubs so this email should not be ignored.  Please also note that the motions were passed following a vote of those present (and all clubs received notice beforehand) so please don't shoot the messenger.  A report should shortly be up on Steve Mann's website with the full wording, together with details of other minor changes that were passed.


WOODHOUSE CUP - Starting next season (2019-20) this division will be played with a new time control of all moves in 110 minutes with a ten second increment being added from the start.  IM Brown and Silver Rook teams may use this control by mutual agreement.


Obviously some clubs will need to purchase digital clocks.  Rupert Jones is looking to negotiate a bulk purchase deal with a supplier and this will be communicated if and when agreed.  In the short term clubs without digital clocks may need to request that their opponents bring them instead.  There was some discussion about what would happen if a club needed to be out of their venue at a specific time; it was noted that the home team have the right to start the clocks promptly at 14:30 and if the away team are delayed that's tough, although it has been known for away teams to still be waiting at 14:30 while their hosts are still setting up.


SILVER ROOK - A motion was passed reducing the number of boards in this division to six players.  It is hoped that this will attract new teams to the dwindling third division and indeed there have been some expressions of interest.  Can I please ask that all clubs consult and see whether an extra six-player team is viable.



I am hoping to have a draft set of fixtures ready by the middle of July.


Finally I was re-elected unanimously as controller for the 2019-20. As with the changes above I suspect this will not please everybody but I was humbled by the faith the Yorkshire CA continue to show in me ahead of what will be my eighth season at the helm.It remains an honour to serve.