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4NCL Arrangements


Since last reported on, the 4NCL arrangements have been changed slightly, and the allocation of divisions to venues has been made.


Cosmetically, the divisions provisionally labelled 3N and 3S, which labels originally reflected venues, had become inappropriate in so far as venues were to be all in the Midlands, have been renamed.  Consequently, 3N becomes 3W, and 3S becomes 3E!  The aim is to avoid labels like 3a and 3b which might be seen as implying imply ranking, and the split of teams does seem to reflect the longitude of teams from places like Manchester, Hull and East Anglia.


More significantly, whereas Hull & East Riding Tigers, Chessable White Rose 3 and Bradford DCA Knights A were originally all destined to be in the same division, the old 3N, new 3W, now Hull & East Riding Tigers have been moved to Division 3E.  Thus, there is less danger of Yorkshire v Yorkshire clashes.


Finally, divisions have been allocated to date/venue combinations, keeping Divisions 1, 2 and 3E together in both date and venue, and Divisions 3W and 4 similarly together.  These are now recorded in the Calendar page.