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England v Rest of the World, Round 4


Round 4 of the “England v Rest of the World” Scheveningen tournament at the 2021 London Chess Classic was played on 7th December.


The team score after round 3 stood at England 4-5 Rest of World.  Round 4 was a replay of round 1 but for the reversal of colours.


Vitiugov v Jones was agreed drawn, by repetition, after 23 moves.  Adams went into B + P v B + 2P – same colour bishops -  and lost.  McShane and Lagarde had used up loads of time in trench warfare in the middlegame, and approached the 40-move time control with both being short of time, and after move 40 both sides had passed pawns and a difficult game which ended in a draw.


Fourth-round results were as follows:


Boris Gelfand


Michael Adams


Nikita Vitiugov


Gawain Jones


Maxime Lagarde


Luke McShane



That left the team score after round 4 standing at England 5-7 Rest of World.