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1856/57, Easingwold

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The parents of James and Robert Sadler were James Sadler (born 1856/57, Borrowby) and Caroline Sadler (1864/65, Stonegrave).  The Borrowby concerned was presumably the one 5 miles north of Thirsk.  Stonegrove is about 15 ESE of Thirsk, about half way between Thirsk and Malton.  The couple had at least the following six children:


Elizabeth Sadler

born ,1845/46 Ripon

Thomas Sadler

born ,1848/49 Ripon

Annie Sadler

born 1854/55, Easingwold

James Sadler,  junior

born 1856/57, Easingwold

Reed Sadler

born 1858/59, Easingwold

Robert Sadler

born 1865, Easingwold


The birth of James Sadler was registered in the first quarter of 1857, at Easington, so his date of birth might have been late in December 1856.  The birth of Robert Sadler was registered in the second quarter of 1865, at Easingwold.  Their birthplace, Easingwold, is 10 miles SE of Thirsk, on the road from Thirsk to York.  The early years of parents and children were spent in the area of Yorkshire’s North Riding, around Ripon, Thirsk, and Easingwold, to the north and north west of York.


From the birthplaces of the children it is evident parents James and Caroline spent some time living in Ripon, and moved to Easingwold around 1849 to 1854.  It would appear father James had at some stage been a farmer.


The 1861 census found parents James and Caroline living with the five eldest children at Easingwold, possibly on Long Street, though is not too clear.  Significantly, James was described as “Farmer (at present out of farm)”.  This lack of a farm may have precipitated the subsequent change in occupation.


The 1871 census found parents James and Caroline living with both children at Easingwold workhouse, on a street curiously named Uppleby, in the northern part of Easingwold village.  Father James was “Master” of the workhouse.  Mother Caroline was “Matron”.


The 1881 census found the brothers living together at Claremont Terrace, Pinfold Road, Old Malton.  James was a schoolmaster.  Robert was a draper’s apprentice.


The marriage of James Sadler to Emily Baker (born 1864/65, Malton) was registered in the fourth quarter of 1886.  James and Emily had two children:


Stanley James Sadler

born Aug/Sep 1890, Norton

Emily L. Sadler

born 1894/95, Norton


“Norton” in this case was Norton-on-Derwent, adjacent to Malton, but on the other side of the River Derwent.  James and Caroline must have set up home in Norton t some time from 1886 to 1890.


James remained resident in the vicinity of Malton for the rest of his life, as a schoolmaster, but Robert struck out on his own to pursue his career in drapery, moving to Whitby.


The 1891 census found parents James and Caroline living with son Stanley and a servant at St. Nicholas Street, Norton(-on-Derwent), close to the modern Norton Community Primary School.  James was a master at an elementary school.


The 1891 census found younger brother Robert living as one of a number of draper’s assistants living at 12 & 13 Bridge Street, Whitby.


It would appear that Robert was, at some time from 1891 to 1901, able to acquire ownership of the drapery business in which he had been merely an assistant.  Thus the 1901 census found Robert Sadler living at 12 Bridge Street, Whitby, as a drapery shopkeeper, employing staff.  Living at the same address were a dressmaker (Jane Scott, born 1864/65, Langholm, Dumfriesshire, Scotland), a dressmaker’s apprentice, five draper’s assistants, and two domestic servants.


Meanwhile, the 1901 census found parents James and Caroline living with both children and a servant, more specifically 7 St. James’s Street, Norton.  James was still an elementary school master.


The 1911 census found Robert Sadler still living at 12 Bridge Street, Whitby, but with a much reduced household.  Robert was still a draper.  Dressmaker Jane Scott was still living at the same address as a boarder.  Robert had put “assistant” then changed that to “boarder”, so we can infer Jane Scott was still in Robert’s employment.  There was also a domestic servant.


The 1911 census found James and Caroline now living on  their own, without even a servant, as before at “7 St. Nicholas Street, Norton, Malton” as James himself recorded it on the census return.  54-year-old James was now a head teacher.




James Sadler of St. Nicholas Street, Norton, Malton, died on 27/04/1932.  Probate was granted to Stanley James Sadler, gas company’s general manager and secretary, and Harold Percival Robson, railway clerk.  He left £2,227 19s 4d.


The death of Robert Sadler seems to be that, at age 87, registered in the first quarter of 1953, in the Buckrose registration area.




“R. Sadler” played regularly for Whitby from 1890 or earlier, for instance in the 1890 Grosmont v Whitby match, the 1893 Scarborough v Whitby match, the 1894 Malton v Whitby match, the 1894 Scarborough v Whitby match, and the 1894 Whitby v Scarborough match.


“Jas. Sadler” played for Malton (“Derwent”) in the 1894 Malton v Whitby match.





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