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These articles concentrate on chess-players’ lives outside chess, and allude in most cases only briefly to their chess activities.  Most articles are essentially research notes knitted together with only limited coherence, and are in the nature of work in progress, though in most cases they will never be expanded or refined.  Some non-Yorkshire players who get mentioned in events are included; on these there may be more-authoritative sources available elsewhere.  (Geographical locations are the main ones associated with the person as relevant to this website.  Many moved about.)

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A ^ top ^

Adams, Ernest Johnson (Hull)

Addingley, Dr. Charles Gordon (Leeds)

Addingley, John Eric (Wakefield)

Agar, Thomas Leyden (Lancashire)

Akeroyd, Frederick Bromley (Whitby)

Alder, Thomas Clavering (Whitby)

Algar, Thomas Stannard (Sheffield)

Allison, James Bowmer (Halifax)

Allison, Joseph William (Halifax)

Allison, William (Wakefield)

Ammelburg, Herman (Bradford)

Andrew, Donald Melville (Leeds, Doncaster)

Andrew, Melville (Leeds)

Angas, Silas (Newcastle-upon-Tyne)

Anger, John Charles Frederick (London)

Arblaster, Edmund (Cambridge Univ., Carlisle, Birmingham)

Archdall, Rev. Thomas Hewan (Durham/Newcastle-upon-Tyne)

Ash, William (Wakefield)

Askham, George Albert Roberts (Sheffield)

Askwith, Edward Alexander (Lancashire)

Atkins, Henry Ernest (Huddersfield)

Atkinson, Charles (Huddersfield)

Atkinson, Walter (Hull)

Atmore, Walter Arthur (Cambridge University , Grantham)

Avison, Frank Garnet (Sheffield)

Ayre, Frederic Fearnley (Hull)

Ayre, Horatio Harriman (Hull)

B ^ top ^

Baines-Lewis, John (Leeds, Harrogate)

Baker, John Woodhead (Rotherham, Sheffield)

Ball, Alfred (York)

Banham, William Wilfred (Sheffield)

Bardsley, Edmund Smith (Rotherham)

Barling, John Rawlinson (Lancashire)

Barnfather, Robert (Holmfirth)

Barr, Robert (Leeds)

Barron, George (Hull)

Barwick, John Marshall (Leeds)

Batley, William (Sheffield)

Battinson, George Adam (Leeds)

Batty, Benjamin North Rockley (Redcar)

Baxter, Arthur William (Rochdale)

Bays, George Henry, senior and junior (Wakefield)

Beach, Rev. George Cope (York)

Beach, Thomas John (Leeds)

Beakbane, Alfred (Lancashire)

Beaty, John Harold (Doncaster)

Beaver, Robert Atwood (Lancashire)

Beckett, Rev. Wilson (Heighington, Co. Durham)

Beebee, James Henry & Frank (Walsall)

Beechey (m. Rowland), Frideswide Fanny (Sheffield [chess column])

Beedham, William (Hull)

Bennett, Charles George (Leeds)

Bennett, Charles Smith (Wakefield)

Bennett, Dr. James Heaton (Bradford, Redcar)

Berenblum, Isaac (Leeds)

Berg, Erik Gustav (Leeds)l

Berryman, William John (Barnsley, thence Leeds, Sheffield)

Bilbrough, Alfred (Leeds)

Billington, Thomas Henry (Wolverhampton, Birmingham)

Bingham, William George (Rotherham)

Birchall, Charles (Sheffield)

Bisbey, James Lilley (Leeds)

Blake, Percy Francis (Lancashire)

Boardman, Arthur Oswald (Sheffield)

Boden, John Thornton (Settle, Thirsk)

Boden, Samuel Standidge (Hull)

Bodington, Dr. George Fowler (Saltburn)

Bolland, Charles Fenton (Leeds, Scarborough)

Bolland, Rev. William Ernest (Worcester, & Norfolk)

Bolton, Rev. Horatio (Ashby near Yarmouth)

Boscovitz, David (Huddersfield, Leeds)

Boscovitz, Frederick (Leeds)

Boss, Thomas (Sheffield)

Botterill, George Steven (Bradford)

Bottomley, Benjamin (Bradford, Ilkley)

Boulaye, Isidore Augustus Galbois (Lancashire)

Bourn, Thomas (Whitby)

Boyer, Richard Clarkson (Lancashire)

Boyne, Thomas (Leeds)

Brandt, Johann Philipp (Bradford)

Brayshaw, Alfred Neave (Scarborough)

Brevig, Christen (Lancashire)

Bridgwater, William (Birmingham, Worcestershire)

Brierley, John Henry (Halifax)

Brierley, Joseph (Huddersfield)

Broadbent, John William (Sheffield)

Broadbent, Reginald Joseph (Bradford)

Brodsky, Adolph Davidovich (Lancashire)

Bromham, Henry Herbert (Sheffield)

Bronowski, Jacob (Hull)

Brook, Charles Lewis (Huddersfield)

Broughton, Benjamin (Bradford)

Brown, Isaac McIntyre (Leeds)

Brown, John Bower (Sheffield)

Brown, Robert Alexander (Leeds)

Brown, Thomas (Sheffield)

Browne, Lionel Henry (Bradford)

Burkett, Alan Brian (York)

Burn, Amos (Hull)

Burton, Harold Alvin (Pontefract)

Butler, David Howson (Leeds, correspondence chess)

Butler, William Alfred (Workington, Manchester)

Byass, Daniel Foster (Scarborough)

C ^ top ^

Cadman, Henry Ashwell (Huddersfield, Scarborough)

Cadman, Robert (Leeds)

Cairns, James (Lancashire)

Camm, William Henry (Sheffield)

Campbell, Archibald (Huddersfield)

Carey, Walter Selway (Bradford)

Carr, Francis Parker (Cambridge University, London)

Carroll, Francis Charles (Lancashire)

Carson, Harry Arthur Hamilton (London)

Carson, Herbert William (London)

Cassel, Hartwig (Bradford)

Champion, John James (Sheffield)

Chapman, Thomas Coulson (Sheffield)

Chater, Hilda Florence (Penzance, Belfast)

Chignell, Philip Henry (Hull)

Child, John (Bradford)

Chrispin, John Squire (Huddersfield)

Chrispin, Stanley (Huddersfield)

Clarke, Charles George (Hull)

Clarke, Henry Howard (Sheffield)

Clere, Henry (Birmingham)

Clifford, Percy Rosomond (Huddersfield)

Coates, Charles (Lancashire)

Cockayne, Bagshaw (Sheffield)

Cockayne, Edward Shepherd (Sheffield)

Cockayne, Walter Thomas Shepherd (Sheffield)

Cockayne, William, junior (Sheffield)

Cockin, Samuel Moulding (Halifax, Wakefield)

Cocking, George Bailey (Sheffield)

Cocking, Tusting Johnson (Sheffield)

Cohnitz, George (Bradford)

Collier, Edward Heath (Leicester)

Collier, Edwin (Whitby)

Collier, Vincent (Whitby)

Common, Arthur Welsh (Halifax)

Common, Walter (Halifax)

Conde, Adrian Garcia (Bradford, Hull)

Cooper, Duncan Anderson (Huddersfield)

Corlett, Robert Sayle (Liverpool, Isle of Man)

Corlett, Walter John (Isle of Man, Liverpool, Australia, Wales)

Cowling, Arthur Goodyear (Leeds)

Crake, James (Hull)

Craven, John (Leeds)

Critchley, William (Bradford, Ilkley)

Critchley, William Sallitt (Ilkley)

Croft, Charles (Burley-in-Wharfedale, Leeds)

Cronhelm, Edward (Halifax)

Cronhelm, Frederick William (Halifax)

Crosskill, Alfred (Beverley, Hull)

Crotty, Patrick junior (Leeds)

Crotty, Patrick senior (Leeds)

Cunningham, James Gavin (Leeds)

Cutler, George Octavius (Sheffield)

D ^ top ^

Dale, Edward (Sheffield)

Darby, Frederick William (Leeds, Harrogate)

Davy, Arthur (Sheffield)

Davy, Ernest Richards (Sheffield)

Davy, Henry (Sheffield)

Davy, Harold (Sheffield)

Dawbarn ,Climenson Yelverton Charles (Lancashire)

Dawson, Thomas Rayner (Leeds)

Day, Edward (Wakefield)

Day, Samuel (Wakefield)

Day, William James Woolhouse (Rotherham)

Dayson, James Thomas (Sheffield)

De Vere, Cecil Valentine (London)

Deas, Dr. Matthew Ross (Kirkleatham)

Deas, Dr. Peter Maury (Kirkleatham)

Denham, Alfred (Huddersfield)

Denham, Leonard (Huddersfield)

Dewar, Reginald (Rotherham)

Dittmar, Jean Franz (Leeds)

Dod, Anthony (Lancashire)

Dod, William (Lancashire)

Dodd, George Herbert (Bradford)

Donisthorpe, Wordsworth (Leeds-born)

Dore, John Read (Huddersfield)

Dreyer, Charles Wright (Hull)

Dundas, Thomas, Earl of Zetland (Richmond, N. Yorks.)

Dunford, John Henry (Nottingham, & briefly Grimsby)

Dyson, Edwin (Huddersfield)

E ^ top ^

Earnshaw, Rev. Samuel Walter (Leeds)

Edwards, Sir Henry (Halifax)

Eggleston, William John (Bradford)

Elam, Dr. Charles (Sheffield)

Eley, Brian Ratcliffe (Doncaster)

Elliott, James (Wakefield)

Ellis, Dr. William (Morley)

Elson, Bardsley (Ashton-under-Lyne)

Elson, Franklin (Leamington, Halifax, Gomersal, Dewsbury, Heckondwike, Bradford)

England, Philip Remington (Lancashire)

Eppenheim, Leo (London)

Evans, Wilfred Colin (Sheffield, Rotherham)

F ^ top ^

Fairbank, John Thomas (Farsley, Bradford)

Farron, Thomas Albert (Lancashire)

Farrow, George Wright (Hull)

Fattorini, Antonio (Bradford)

Fawcett, Joseph Addy (Wakefield)

Fazan, William Slater (London)

Ferrand, William Cole (Bradford)

Field, Gerald Victor (Bradford)

Field, Thomas Wilson (Halifax)

Fieldsend, Thomas (Bradford)

Fieldsend, William (Bradford)

Finlinson, Arthur (Huddersfield)

Finlinson, Joseph Henry Scott (Huddersfield)

Firth, Arthur (Sheffield, Llandudno)

Fisher, Bernard William

Fleming, Archibald Robert (Leeds, Rotherham)

Flint, George Frederick (York, Hull)

Flint, Leonard Robinson (York, Hull)

Flint, Samuel (York, Hull)

Forbes, Neil Macvicar (Halifax)

Forth, William (Whitby)

Foster, Albert Ernest (Bradford)

Foster, Edward Savile (Sheffield)

Foster, Frederick Edward (Sheffield)

Foulston, Samuel Vernon (Hull)

Fox, William Wilson (Dewsbury)

France, John Morrell (Wakefield, Leeds)

Francis, Edward (Halifax)

Francis, Henry Ralph (Hull)

Freeborough, Edward (Hull)

G ^ top ^

Gardner, Ernest Frank (Sheffield)

Gardner, Harold Ennis (Lancashire)

Garvey, Rev. Richard (Wakefield)

Gaskell, James Milnes (Wakefield)

Gaunt, Sir Edwin (Leeds)

Genese, Robert William (played at Scarborough)

Gibbons, Thomas Charles (London)

Gibson, William Arthur Lummis (Dewsbury)

Glaser, Henry (Bradford)

Gledhill, Horace (Wharfedale, Harrogate)

Gledhill, Walter (Wharfedale)

Goldstein, Richard Frank (Huddersfield)

Gooder, Edward (Wakefield)

Gooder, Walter Raymond (Wakefield)

Gosset, John Thorold (Huddersfield)

Gosset, Thorold (en passant)

Gover, Frederic Field (London)

Gover, Henry (London)

Gover, Hubert Sidney (London)

Gover, William Sutton (London)

Grace, Rev. Allen Zachariah (Wakefield)

Greaves, James Haines (Sheffield)

Green, Arnold Yorwarth (Sheffield)

Greening, Joseph (Sheffield)

Gregory, Walter (Sheffield)

Gregson, Robert (Leeds, Bradford)

Greig, Edwin Arthur (Cheshire, Liverpool, Lancashire, Scotland)

Griffith, Ernest James (Rotherham)

Griffiths, Owen David (Wakefield)

Grimshaw, Walter (Whitby)

Grimshaw, Walter Edwin (Whitby)

Groux, William (Bradford)

Guilliatt, Henry (Grimsby)

Gurnhill, Charles Reuben (Sheffield)

Guy, John Anthony (Bradford)

Guy, Thomas Arnaud (Bradford)

Guy, William (Bradford)

H ^ top ^

Hall, Dr John Charles (Sheffield)

Hall, John Edmund (Bradford)

Hamburger, Eugène Lucien Felix (London)

Hamel, Frederick Julius (Lancashire)

Hamel, Sigismund (Nottingham)

Hamer, Joseph Samuel (Sheffield)

Hameyer, Thomas Lumb (Bradford)

Hanson, Charles (Burton, Derby)

Hardcastle, David Ernest (York)

Hardman, Richard Bamford (Lancaster)

Hargreaves, Arthur Thomas (Manchester)

Harrison, Arthur Ernest (Sheffield)

Harrison, George Henry (Sheffield)

Harrison, Samuel Gardner (Sheffield)

Hart, Tom Gedney (Hull)

Hartshorn, Frank (Sheffield)

Haselgrave, Joseph (Wakefield)

Haygarth, Michael John (Leeds)

Hein, George Gustav (Wakefield)

Heitefuss, Adolph Frederick (Bradford)

Heppell, James Thomas (London)

Hepton, Thomas Wilfred (Scarborough)

Hepworth, Arthur Skelton (Sheffield)

Hesleton, John Allison (Bradford)

Heywood, George Cann (London, Newcastle-upon-Tyne)

Hinchliff, Charles Henry (Holmfirth, Huddersfield, North Wales)

Hinchliff, John Elliott (Huddersfield)

Hinchliff, Richard (Huddersfield)

Hinchliff/Hinchliffe/Hinchcliff/Hinchcliffes (various)

Hodgkinson, Harry Woodhouse (Bradford)

Hoffer, Leopold (London)

Holdsworth, (Leut.-Col.) Joseph Hulme (Wakefield)

Holliday, Thomas (Huddersfield)

Hollins, Frank (Birmingham, New Zealand)

Holloway, Mrs Edith Martha (Bromley, Kent)

Holloway, Samuel John (Bromley, Kent)

Holmes, Dr Harry (Lancashire)

Holmes, James Gibb (Huddersfield)

Holroyd, Harry Herman (Sheffield)

Hoon, Charles Richard (London)

Howell, Frederick Cecil (Leeds)

Howitt, George Huntley (Bradford)

Huckvale, Frank (Leeds, Otley)

Hudson, Joshua Gibson (Leeds)

Hulley, Frederick (Rotherham)

Humble, Percival Wright (Newcastle-upon-Tyne)

Hunnam, Harold Alexander (Sunderland, Sheffield)

Hunter, Henry Lewis (Doncaster, York)

Hunter, William Wilks (Wakefield)

Huntsman, Alfred Edmund Francis Fonnereau (Sheffield)

Huntsman, George Alexander Irvine (Sheffield)

Huntsman, Hugh de Cisspigny (Sheffield)

Huntsman, Rev. Edmund John (Sheffield, Scarborough)

Hussey, Edward Bishop (Leeds)

Hvistendahl, Anton (Lancashire)

Hyde, Alfred Henry (Birmingham)

I ^ top ^

Ibbotson, Henry Roscoe (Dewsbury)

Iles, Robert James Parkinson (Grimsby)

Ingoldsby, William Joseph (London, Southend)

Ives, Ronald Wilson & Jacoba (Pontefract, Leeds)

Ivimy, Alfred Claude (Leeds)

J ^ top ^

Jackson, Harry (Dewsbury, York)

Jackson, John (Dewsbury)

Jackson, Joshua (Dewsbury)

Jackson, Maxwell (Hull)

Jackson, William Ewart (Dewsbury)

Jameson, Francis Noel (York)

Jeffery, Cecil Woodsend (Leeds)

Johnson, George (Doncaster)

Jonas, Joseph (Leeds)

Jones-Bateman, Ernest (London)

K ^ top ^

Keir, Samuel (Huddersfield, Lancaster)

Kelly, Thomas Joseph (Manchester)

Kenrick, John Painter (Manchester)

Kidson, Henry Edwin (Sheffield, Liverpool)

Kilner, John Hirst (Huddersfield)

Kirke, Samuel Wharton (Hull)

Kitchin, Charles Stuart

Kitchin, Clifford (Harrogate)

Kitchin, Darcy Butterworth (Harrogate)

Kitchin, Ernest Hugh (Harrogate)

Knapton, Charles Demain (Bradford)

Knoth, Alfred (Nottingham, Bradford)

Knowles, Thomas Atkinson (Bradford, Harrogate)

L ^ top ^

Landolphe, Francois (Bradford)

Lassen, Edward Albert (Bradford)

Latham, Thomas Staniforth (Sheffield)

Law, Dr. Joseph (Sheffield)

Lawton, Howard (Sheffield)

Lea, James Pollard (Birmingham, Bath)

Lean, Louis John (Sheffield)

Leffler, Carl Johan Laurentz (Sheffield)

Lennox, George William (Cardiff)

Levin, John L (Leeds)

Lewis, John Baines (Leeds, Harrogate)

Lewis, Leslie Charles Alfred (Wakefield, Sheffield)

Leyland, Francis Alexander (Halifax)

Lines, Charles Frederic (Huddersfield)

Linley, Arthur (Sheffield)

Littlewood, John Eric (Sheffield)

Littlewood, Michael Paul (Sheffield)

Littlewood, Norman (Sheffield)

Littlewood, Peter Donald (Sheffield)

Liversedge, James Arthur (Huddersfield)

Lobel, Carl (Lancashire)

Longdin, George Henry (Sheffield)

Lowe, Charles James Blackburn (Lancashire)

Lowe, Hubert Foster (Oxford University, London)

Löwenthal, Johann Jacob (London)

Luccock, John Darnton (Leeds)

Ludbrook, Stephen Percy (Rotherham, Sheffield)

Lumley, George (Manchester)

Lund, Henry Brown (Lancashire)

Lynn, Rev. George Goodenough (Coniscliffe, Co. Durham)

M ^ top ^

Macauley, Peter Tarbet (Leeds)

Macgregor, Rev Sir Charles, Bart (Cabourne)

Macmaster, Robert McCheyne (Bradford)

Mallett, George Edmund (Bradford)

Mann, C. A., (Bradford, Leeds) – a pseudonym

Manners, Rev. Otho Augustus (Hawnsby)

Marks, John Capner (Wakefield)

Marriott, Alfred Rhodes (Lancashire)

Marriott, Alfred Towle (Nottingham)

Marriott, Edwin (Nottingham)

Marriott, Rev. John Towle (Nottingham, Manchester)

Marriott, Thomas Walter (Nottingham)

Marsden, David (Huddersfield)

Marsden, John (Huddersfield)

Marshall, Thomas (Sheffield)

Maw, Henry Lister (Doncaster, Crowle)

Maw, Samuel (Crowle)

McBride, Edward William (Hull)

McCarthy, Francis & Eugene (Birmingham)

McWhire, Harry (Rotherham)

Meek, Sir James (York)

Melrose, William Ernest (Dewsbury)

Menssing, Gustavus Adolphus (Bradford)

Meöt de Montmusard, Joseph Louis (Sheffield)

Mercer, Arthur Emerson (Sheffield)

Mercer, Henry (Sheffield)

Meredith, Samuel Redhead (Leeds)

Mielziner, Emil (Bradford)

Millard, Henry (Leeds)

Miller, George Longbotham (Whitby)

Miller, William John Clarke (Huddersfield)

Mills, Daniel Yarnton (Leeds)

Miniati, Nicholas Theodore (Lancashire)

Minor, Major Thomas (Sheffield)

Mollard, James Percival (London area, Devon, Manchester, North East, Southampton & Portsmouth)

Mongredien, Augustus (Liverpool)

Moore, Albert Edward (Manchester)

Moore, Harwood Clapham (Bath)

Moore, John (Sheffield)

Moorhouse, Joshua (Holmfirth)

Morey, John Egleton (Doncaster)

Moriau, Camille (London)

Mort, Henry Leonard (Sheffield)

Morton, Joseph Eric (Sheffield)

Moses, George Wyville (Sheffield/Huddersfield)

Muff, Joshua (Leeds)

Müller, Charles Augustus (Bradford)

Mundell, William Hugh Alexander (London)

Musgrove, John (Leeds)

Myers, William Collett (Leeds)

N ^ top ^

Nachbar, Nathan (Bradford)

Narcross, John Watts (Leeds)

Nelson, Frederick Oswald (Sheffield)

Newham, Samuel (Nottingham)

Newton, John (York)

Newton, John Vernon (Doncaster, Chesterfield)

North, Oliver (Bradford)

North, William George (Hull)

O ^ top ^

O’Dwyer, Alfred (Wakefield)

Oakes, Marriott (Sheffield)

Oakley, Rev. Henry Hislop (Heckmondwike)

Oates, Joseph Brearey (Dewsbury)

Ogden, Charles (Bradford)

Ogden, Charles Burdett (Leeds)

Onions, George Frederick (Bradford)

Orange, James (Sheffield)

Owen, Rev. John (Hooton, Cheshire)

P ^ top ^

Padgett, Henry Clarence (Bradford)

Paffley, Charles Derek Simpson (Wakefield)

Palmer, Rev. Wilfred Charles (Lancashire)

Palmer, Thomas William (Hull)

Park, William (West Hartlepool, Co. Durham)

Parke, Dr John Latimer (Huddersfield)

Parker, Joseph Gilbert (Sheffield)

Parker, Joys (Grimsby)

Parratt, Thomas (Huddersfield)

Parratt, Walter (Huddersfield)

Parry, David (Leeds)

Parry, John Ellis (Liverpool, Shrewsbury, Bangor, Manchester)

Paver, Percy Woodroffe (Wakefield)

Peach, Rev. James Legard (Malton)

Peacock, James Henry (Leeds)

Pearson, Henry William (Sheffield)

Pearson, John (Doncaster)

Peck, Thomas Arthur (Hull, Sheffield)

Peguero, Ramon (Whitby)

Perkins, James Wickstead (Bradford)

Perring, Robert (Leeds)

Petty, Joshua (Bradford, Ilkley)

Philip, Robert Harris (Hull)

Phillips, Frederick Ernest (Derby)

Pierpoint, Edward Pelham (Sheffield)

Piper, Rev. Henry Hunt (Sheffield)

Pollard, George (Dewsbury)

Pollitt, John Milton (Lancashire)

Posselt, Ernest (Bradford)

Povey, John E (Leeds)

Powell, T (Leeds)

Priestman, Frederick (Bradford)

Priestman, Henry Brady (Bradford)

Pulsford, Edward (Hull)

Q ^ top ^

Quarkowsky, Charles/Carl (Bradford)

R ^ top ^

Rankin, Michael Henry (Halifax)

Rayner, James (Leeds)

Rea, William (Wakefield)

Reaney, Richard (Bradford)

Reginald Joseph Broadbent (Bradford)

Reid, Gerald Mutrie (Scarborough)

Reoch, John (Sheffield)

Rhodes, George Winter (Huddersfield)

Rhodes, John (Leeds)

Richardson, James William Hamilton (Leeds)

Richardson, John Stanley (Sheffield)

Rimington Wilson, James Wilson (Sheffield)

Rivlin, Abba (Leeds)

Robbs, Decimus Mallett (Gainsborough)

Roberton, James P (Huddersfield)

Roberts, Charles William (Bradford, Huddersfield)

Robertson, Hercules James, Lord Benholme (Edinburgh)

Robinson, Henry (Wakefield)

Robinson, John Russell (Huddersfield)

Robinson, William Ledgar (Wakefield)

Rockett, George Lyde (Leeds)

Rockett, Hildreth Dudley (Sheffield)

Roddewig, Ludwig William (Sheffeld)

Rossell, Henry Augustus (Sheffield)

Rothery, William Umpleby (Huddersfield)

Rowland (née Beechey), Frideswide Fanny (Sheffield [chess column])

Russam, Charles John

Rutherford, Arthur (Oxford University, Liverpool)

Rutherford, Charles Henry (Liverpool)

Rutherford, William Watson (Liverpool)

Rutherford, Vickerman Henzell (Kent) en passant

Ruttle, Edward W (Lancashire)

Rylski, Victor H (Blackpool)

Rynd, James Alexander Porterfield Kenneth (Dublin)

S ^ top ^

Sadler, James (Malton)

Sadler, Robert (Whitby)

Sander, Edwin John (Nottingham)

Savile, Hon. & Rev. Philip Yorke (Methley)

Savile, John, 3rd Earl

Scarlett, Harry William (Sheffield)

Schlesinger, Julius Louis (Bradford)

Schofield, Allan (Dewsbury, [Leeds-residence part of time])

Schofield, Alexander (Leeds, [Pontefract by residence])

Schofield, Frank (Leeds)

Scholefield, William Ryder (Wakefield)

Schott, George Adolphus (Bradford)

Schwabe, Gustav Christian (Liverpool)

Scott, Dr William (Huddersfield)

Semple, Thomas (Stockton-on-Tees)

Sendak, Moses (London, Australia)

Shalders, Alfred Owen (Bradford)

Shallcross, Henry Stevens (Sheffield)

Shaw, Arthur Barry (Sheffield)

Shaw, Dr John Hepworth (Lancashire)

Shaw, William Briggs (Manchester)

Shephard, John (Rotherham, Sheffield)

Shephard, Joseph Richard (Rotherham, Sheffield)

Shepherd, Arthur (Wakefield)

Shepherd, Edward (Wakefield)

Shepherd, Frederick Crosland (Leeds)

Shields, James John (Hull)

Shories, George (Sheffield)

Shuttleworth, Thomas Edward (Sheffield)

Shuttleworth, Thomas George (Sheffield)

Silverman, Julius (Leeds)

Simpson, Charles Empson (York, Scarborough)

Skipworth, Rev Arthur Bolland (Bilsdale)

Skirrow, Edward (Leeds St. Martin’s, Leeds)

Slack, Samuel Benjamin (Sheffield)

Slocombe, Richard (Leeds)

Smailes, Dr. Francis William (Grosmont)

Smith, Dr. Thomas (Leeds)

Smith, J Carr (Sheffield)

Smith, Sydney (Sheffield)

Smyth, Dacre Herbert (Sheffield)

Snow, Robert (Sheffield)

Sparkes, William Henry John (Sheffield)

Spedding, Frederick Eglin (Leeds)

Spencer, Edmund (Lancashire)

Stansfield, Robert Savels (Leeds, Cleckheaton, Heckmondwike)

Staunton, Howard (London)

Staynes, George Ellis (Wakefield, Huddersfield, Bradford)

Staynes, Joe (Wakefield, Bradford)

Staynes, Thomas Arthur (Bradford)

Staynes, Wilfred (Bradford)

Stokoe, Thomas Young (Leeds)

Stringer, John William (Leeds, Halifax)

Sturton, Henry Graham (Lee, Kent)

Sugden, Harry Percival (Leeds)

Sunderland, Arthur Geoffrey (Leeds)

Sussman, Alfred (Bradford)

Swinn, Robert Colledge (Hull)

T ^ top ^

Tansley, Benjamin (Scarborough)

Tarn, Edward Wyndham (Huddersfield)

Tate, Thomas William (Leeds)

Taylor, George Henry (Huddersfield, Houghton-le-Spring)

Taylor, George Stopford (Sheffield)

Taylor, Samuel (Leeds)

Tegeler, Johann Gottfried Frederick (Bradford)

Tetley, George Rennie (Bradford)

Tetley, John Henry (Bradford)

Thomas, Andrew Rowland Benedick (Lancashire)

Thomas, Sir George Alan (London)

Thomas, William Rowland (Lancashire

Thorold, Edmund (Sheffield, Bath)

Thorold, Eliza Mary (Sheffield, Bridlington)

Thorold, Rev. Michael Edward (Halifax, Dewsbury)

Thorold, Rev. William (Leeds)

Thorp, Ronald Charles Osborn (Leeds)

Tietjen, Arthur Ernest (London)

Tigar, Pennock (Beverley)

Tillyard, Sir Frank, C.B.E. (Sheffield)

Tiptaft, William Tibetot (Sheffield, Rotherham

Titley, Anthony (junior) (Leeds)

Titley, Francis William John (Sheffield)

Tomlinson, William Henry Bedford (Huddersfield, Wakefield)

Toothill, Frank (Leeds)

Trevor, William Charles (Guisborough)

Trickett, William (Leeds)

Trumble, William Edward (Hull)

Turnbull, Robert Cyril (Scarborough)

Turnbull, Sydney Peverill (Scarborough)

Turnbull, William Peverill (Sheffield)

Twist, Henry Clement (Sheffield)

Tyson, Rev. Edwin Colman (Wakefield)

U ^ top ^

V ^ top ^

Van Gelder, Salomon (Bath, London)

Veater, Herbert Joseph (Rotherham)

Vickers, Col. Thomas Edward (Sheffield)

W ^ top ^

Wacheux, Eugene Joseph (Leeds)

Wagner, Gustav Bernhard (Leeds)

Wahltuch, Julius (Manchester, Ardwick)

Wahltuch, Victor Leonard (Manchester)

Waight, Henry Hoyer (Halifax)

Wainwright, George Edward (born Redcar)

Walker, Edward Johnson (Halifax)

Wall, Charles Ernest Ferdinand (Bradford)

Wallis, Edward (Scarborough)

Wallis, Francis (Scarborough)

Wallis, Philip Norman (Bradford)

Wallwork, Charles Henry (Lancashire)

Ward, George Ely (Dewsbury)

Ward, Seth (senior) (Dewsbury, Harrogate)

Ward, Seth junior (Dewsbury, Sheffield)

Ware, Hubert Harold Almond (Huddersfield)

Waterhouse, Edward (Hull)

Watkinson, Edward (Huddersfield)

Watkinson, John (Huddersfield)

Wayte, Rev. William (Eton, London)

Wellington, Samuel (Lancashire)

Wenman, Francis Percival (Leeds, Northallerton)

Wenyon, Conrad Gallimore (Huddersfield)

Werner, Maximilian (Georg) Edward (Bradford, Halifax)

West, James Samuel (Leeds)

Whitaker, Robert (Bradford)

White, James (Leeds)

Whitman, Channing Wood (Huddersfield)

Wildman, Frank Preston (Leeds)

Wilkinson, Rev. James William (Manchester, Blackpool)

Williams, Lovell Edward (Bradford)

Wilmot, Dr. Thomas (Bradford)

Wilson, Dr. Arthur Cobden Jordan (Penistone, Sheffield)

Wilson, Dr. William John (Clay Cross)

Wilson, William Vernon (Brighton)

Wilson, Joseph (Louth, Halfax-born)

Wilson, Thomas Bright (clocks, Huddersfield)

Winterburn, Maurice (Dewsbury)

Wisker, John (Hull)

Wollman, Joseph (Rotherham, Sheffield)

Wood, Baruch Harold (Sutton Coldfield)

Wood, Gabriel Jaquin (Hull)

Woodhouse, Edwin (Leeds)

Woollard, Joseph Algernon (Bradford)

Wormald, Robert Bownas (Oxford, London)

Wright, Frederick Henry (Wakefield)

Wright, George William, sen. & jun. (Manchester)

Wright, Harold Edward (Middlesbrough)

Wright, Murrell (junior) (Leeds)

Wyvill, Marmaduke (Constable Burton)

X ^ top ^

Y ^ top ^

Yates, Fred Dewhirst (Leeds)

Yates, Thomas Shuttleworth (Huddersfield)

Young, Francis Mortimer (Leeds)

Young, John William (Wakefield)

Z ^ top ^

Zetland, Earl of aka Dundas, Thomas (Richmond, N. Yorks.)

Zimmermann, Julius Hermann (Sheffield)

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