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1869, Wakefield


1919, Bradford


Four Wakefield-born members of the Staynes family played chess in Yorkshire over the period around 1885 to 1925 and probably beyond.  These were Joe Staynes, his younger brother George Ellis Staynes, and two of George’s sons, Thomas Arthur Staynes and Wilfred Staynes.  All played in the Woodhouse Cup for one or more of Wakefield, Huddersfield and Bradford,


Non-Chess Life


The parents of Joe Staynes and George Ellis Staynes were Thomas Staynes (born 1839, Leicester) and Mary Anne Staynes (née Wright, 1841, Charnwood Forest, Leics.), who were married in 1863 at Cheltenham, and had at least the following eleven children:


Frances Mary Staynes

1864, Loughborough

Thomas H Staynes

1865/66, Wakefield

Joe Staynes

1867, Wakefield

George Ellis Staynes

1869, Wakefield

William Alfred Staynes

1871, Wakefield

Emily Staynes

1874, Wakefield

Ernest Edward Staynes

1875/76, Wakefield

Leonard Staynes

1877/78, Wakefield

Amy Irene Staynes

1880, Wakefield

Benjamin Staynes

1881, Wakefield

Clarice Staynes

1882, Wakefield


The 1871 census found the parents and first four children living in Wakefield.


In 1876, William Alfred Staynes, at age 5, then a couple of months or so later Emily Staynes, at age 2, both died.


The 1881 census found the parents, Frances, Thomas, Joe, George, Ernest and Leonard living in York Street, Wakefield.


Thomas H Staynes may well have died around this time, as his subsequent fortunes after the 1881 census seem untraceable.


The 1891 census found the parents, Joe, George and the four youngest children still at York Street, Wakefield.  21-year-old George was now in employment as a brass finisher.


Frances Mary Staynes died 1892, Wakefield.


On 27/03/1898, in Wakefield, he married Mary Alice Taylor, born 1877 in Rochdale, daughter of one John Taylor.  The couple had at least the following five children:


Thomas Arthur Staynes

born 1898/99, Wakefield

Wilfred Staynes

born 12/01/1901, Ardsley

Maud Staynes

born 1903, Wakefield

George Francis Staynes

born 1906, Bradford

John Frederick Douglas Staynes

born 1908/09, Bradford


At some time around 1899 or 1900, he and his family moved from Wakefield to Ardsley, near Barnsley.


The 1901 census found parents and first two children living at Midland Terrace, Ardsley.  George was still a brass finisher.


At some time around 1901 to 1903, the family moved back to Wakefield, it seems.  Whether that is true or not, at some time from 1903 to 1906, the family made a final move to Bradford, where the 1911 census found parents and five children living in the Manningham area.  George Ellis Staynes had by now changed his job to one more suited to his surname, being now a dyer’s representative.


A 1912 Bradford directory found Geo. E. Staynes, dyer's agent, living at 1 Hazelhurst Brow, Daisy Hill, Bradford.  A 1917 directory listed him at the same address, though describing him as a salesman.




In the Woodhouse Cup he played in 1891-92 for Wakefield, in 1893-94 for Huddersfield, and in 1907-08 for Bradford (as Wakefield lacked a Woodhouse team that year).


On 27/04/1912 he played for his county in the 1912 Lancashire v Yorkshire match.




George Ellis Staynes died in 1919 in Bradford.







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