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Non-Chess Life


The parents of Stephen Percy Ludbrook were Walter Ludbrook (born c. 1829, Sohum, Cambs.) and Priscilla Ludbrook (born 1831/32, Nottingham), who had at least the following eight children, all born at Kentish Town:


Walter W Ludbrook

born 1857/58

John H Ludbrook

born 1858/59

Ernest Campbell Ludbrook

born 1861/62

Albert M Ludbrook

born 1862/63

Frederick M Ludbrook

born 1865/66

Agnes Eva Ludbrook

born 1867

Jessie D Ludbrook

born 1869/70

Stephen Percy Ludbrook

born 1874


The 1871 census found the parents, the above children, except the as yet unborn Stephen Percy Ludbrook, and a servant, living at 41 Kentish Town Road.  Father Walter was a “woollen and Manchester merchant”.


Father Walter died in 1876.


The 1881 census found widowed Priscilla Ludbrook and the youngest six children living at 27 Paultons Square, Chelsea, London.  7-year-old Stephen was a scholar.


Sister Jessie died 1885, age 15, in London.


Our man is elusive in the 1891 census.


In 1891 or 1892, sister Agnes Eva Ludbrook married John Crockatt (born 1852/53, Perth, Scotland), who ran a business as a dyer and dry cleaner.


At some time from 1881 to 1901, Stephen Percy Ludbrook moved to Norton, Derbyshire, just to the south-east of Sheffield, and now part of Sheffield.


The 1901 census found 27-year-old London-born “Steven P. Ludbrook” living as a boarder at 78 Burcot Road, Norton, working as a dentist’s operating assistant.


Our man is elusive in the 1911 census.  He may have been abroad at that time, serving as a dentist in the army.


At some stage he spent time as an army dentist in India and other foreign parts, before returning to England. [1]


On 26/03/1920, Stephen Percy Ludbrook acquired the rank of temporary Lieutenant on becoming employed as a dental surgeon by the army. [2]


After leaving the army he took up a position (presumably as a dentist) employed by the West Riding Education Committee. [1]


He moved to Rotherham around 1922, and retired from work in 1928. [1]


He had sporting interests outside chess.  He was a member of Masborough Tennis Club, and in secretary in 1932 of Clifton Tennis Club.  For several years he was a member of Thrybergh Golf Club.


At the time of his death, in 1933, he was resident at 21 Wharncliffe Street, Rotherham, a street which has since been totally redeveloped.




Stephen Percy Ludbrook died at the age of 59, on Saturday, 15/04/1933, at 51 Old Park Road, Roundhay, Leeds, the home of his married sister, Agnes Eva Crockatt.


He was interred on 18/04/1933, at Lawnswood Cemetery, Leeds, in a grave in which were already interred sister Agnes’s son Norman Crockatt, who had died in 1898 at the age of 4, and Agnes’s husband, John Crockatt, who had died in 1927, at the age of 75.  The funeral was attended by H. J. Veater, representing Rotherham Chess Club and Rotherham Y.M.C.A.


Probate was granted to Arthur John Crockett and Douglas Crockatt, dyers.  He left £7,296 0s 10d.




On arriving in Rotherham he joined Rotherham chess Club, soon becoming a prominent member thereof.


Batley says he was holder of Rotherham Chess Club’s Junior Trophy for several years, presumably meaning a Class “B” trophy as opposed the Rotherham Championship (Bingham) Trophy.


In the 1931-32 season he finished second in the Bingham Trophy Competition (the Rotherham championship).


During his ten or so years in Rotherham he played for various teams: for Rotherham Y.M.C.A. in the Yorkshire Y.M.C.A. Championship, for Sheffield Y.M.C.A. in the Davy Trophy (Sheffield league division 1), and for the Sheffield & District Chess Association in the Woodhouse Cup.


He was one of those playing at Capablanca’s simultaneous display in 1922 at Rotherham (losing his game), at the 1922 Kostich simultaneous display in Rotherham (drawing his game), at the 1923 Yates simultaneous display in Rotherham (drawing his game), and at the 1924 Geza Maroczy simultaneous display in Sheffield (losing his game).




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