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The parents of Edmund Smith Bardsley were John Bardsley (born 1845/46, Mottam, Cheshire) and Mary Alice Bardsley (née Meadowcroft, 1844/45, Manchester), who had at least the following eight children:


Bertha Ellen Bardsley

born 1869/70, Charlesworth

Edmund Smith Bardsley

born 1871, Charlesworth

Thomas A. Bardsley

born 1873/74, Hyde, Cheshire

John Henry Bardsley

born 1876/77, Charlesworth

Arthur B. Bardsley

born 1881/82, Charlesworth

Nancy Alice Bardsley

born 1882/83, Charlesworth

Frank Bardsley

born 1883/84, Charlesworth

Robert Bardsley

born 1885/86, Charlesworth


Edmund Smith Bardsley was born in 1871, at Charlesworth, Derbyshire, about 2 miles from the centre of Glossop, and three-quarters of a mile from the River Etherow, which thereabouts forms the Derbyshire-Lancashire border.  The birth was registered in the second quarter of 1871, at Hayfield, Derbyshire.  Hayfield is about six miles south of Glossop.


The 1881 census found the parents and first four of the above children living on Best Hill, Glossop Dale, Derbyshire.  Quite where this was, exactly, isn’t very clear.  Father John was a night watchman.  Mother Mary was a cotton reeler, as was 11-year-old Bertha.  Edmund and Thomas were scholars.  The family surname was written as “Bardesley” in the census return.


The 1891 census found the parents and all eight of the above children, except Thomas A. Bardsley, living at 17 Lower Market, Mottram, Cheshire.  Mottram, or Mottram-in-Longdendale, is about three miles from Glossop, and is on the route from Sheffield to Manchester via Woodhead.  Mottram was then in Cheshire, but is now in Greater Manchester.  Father John was now more specifically described as a night watchman at a print works.  Mother Mary was no longer working.  Bertha was now a sewer a calico print works.  19-year-old Edmund was now a warehouseman in the cotton industry, while John, junior, was a labourer in the cotton industry.  It seems likely all four were working at the same calico print works.  The remaining four children were scholars.


The marriage of Edward Smith Bardsley to Alice Ann Broadbent (born 1870/71, Ludworth, Derbyshire (?)) was registered in the third quarter of 1900, at Hayfield, Derbyshire.


The 1901 census revealed that Edward Smith Bardsley had made a change in occupation and in place of residence.  Edward and his wife were living on Albert Road, Mexborough, in the Don valley, between Rotherham and Doncaster.  Mexborough was then in the West Riding of Yorkshire and is now in South Yorkshire.  Edmund was listed as a journalist and author.


Edward soon moved into Rotherham, as the electoral rolls listed him as living at 125 James Street, Rotherham, in 1906, and then at 16 Eastwood Mount, Rotherham, in 1907 and thereafter.


The couple still resided at 16 Eastwood Mount, Rotherham, when Alice Ann Bardsley died, on 09/02/1926.  Administration of her estate was granted to Edward Smith Bardsley.  She left £556 9s.


In time, Edward remarried.  The marriage of Edmund S. Bardsley to Harriet E. Wilson was registered in the first quarter of 1927, at Rotherham.


At some stage, perhaps after retirement, Edward Smith Bardsley moved back to the area of his birth and up-bringing.  At the time of his death he resided at Meadowcroft, 63 Primrose Lane, Glossop, Derbyshire.




Edward Smith Bardsley died, at age 80, on 13/04/1952.  The death was registered in the second quarter of 1952, at Glossop.  Probate was granted to Mary Alice Bunting and Bertha Bunting, spinsters.  He left £286 14s 5d.




It seems he was one of those involved in the resurrection of Rotherham Chess Club around 1920.


He played in Capablanca’s 1922 simultaneous display in Rotherham.


He was chairman of Rotherham Club’s committee at the time of the 1922 simultaneous display by Kostich in Rotherham.





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