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Northern Counties Chess Union

Established 1899

A constituent unit of the English Chess Federation


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Pennine Cup 2023-24 – Entries, Latest


Damien McElvenny has circulated a further-revised list of teams entered for this event being held on 14th January in Swinton, Manchester.


The Wirral team now hangs more appropriately on Merseyside as opposed to Cheshire & NW.  Meanwhile two Cheshire & NW teams, as such,

 have been added, which is the main point.  This brings the total number of teams up to 16.


Cheshire & N Wales 1

Cheshire & N Wales 2


Greater Manchester - Oldham 1

Greater Manchester - Oldham 2

Greater Manchester 1

Greater Manchester 2

Greater Manchester 3

Merseyside - Wirral

Merseyside 1

Merseyside 2

Merseyside 3

Merseyside 4

Yorkshire 1

Yorkshire 2

Yorkshire 3


Damien says, “Please could I have player listings (and team captains’ contact details) by end of December (which means we'll be using the Dec 2023 ratings for board order).  I think we can allow 100-point leeway in board orders for successive boards.  If you are struggling to assign a rating, please let me know and I'll ask the arbiter to provide one.”


Details of the event were given earlier here.