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4NCL 2023-24


Details of the 2023-24 over-the-board 4-Nations Chess League have recently been published (see here).


Once again there are four Yorkshire-based teams, the same as in 2022-23, namely Chessable White Rose 1, 2 and 3, and Hull & East Riding Tigers.  So, there has been no return of the Bradford & DCA teams which drew their players from around Yorkshire, not just from Bradford.


CWR 1 and CWR 2 are both in Division 1, so may play each other at some stage.  Divisions 3 East and 3 West have been renamed Division 3 Bishops and Division 3 Knights.  CWR 3 is in Division 3 Bishops, while Hull & ER Tigers are in Division 3 Knights



4NCL weekend dates have been added to the Calendar.  The only clash with proposed Yorkshire League dates seems to be 18th November, when CWR 3 will be in play in Telford on the date of proposed Yorkshire League round 4, which was probably the least of all possible evils in compiling Yorkshire League fixtures in a cluttered calendar.