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Message from YCA Competitions Controller Andrew Zigmond


Andrew Zigmond has sent out an e-mail as follows.


Yorkshire League season completed - and looking ahead to next season


Dear All


The Yorkshire League 2023-23 has now concluded and I am pleased to confirm the champions for the season;



IM BROWN - Huddersfield



Congratulations to all three.  In addition I am also pleased to congratulate Ilkley Dragons and Dewsbury on obtaining promotion to a higher division.  Under the league rules if all teams accept promotion the two lowest placed teams in each division will be relegated to replace them.


Can I thank all captains and players for making this a straightforward season to run with no disputes and limited queries and problems to sort out.  There were a handful of postponements, all of which were rescheduled and played within good time.


The AGM of the Yorkshire CA will take place on Saturday 24th June at the West Riding Pub in Leeds.  Full details and papers will be sent out by the YCA Secretary in due course.  Please could the teams that currently hold the trophies start to think about how they propose to return them.


In terms of the Yorkshire League I intend to work to the following timescales;


31st MAY - I will draw up and circulate the dates for next year's league for the AGM's approval.  This normally takes the form of a draft calendar that shows the various congresses and other events I have scheduled around. Please note that I cannot avoid everything.


3rd JUNE - please could all promoted teams let me know if they wish to accept or decline promotion.  I will assume you wish to accept unless I hear otherwise.


Under league rules, if a team declines promotion the third placed team (Sheffield B and Settle respectively) will then be offered promotion.  If only one team accepts promotion then only one team will be relegated.  I will set a deadline of 17th JUNE for the third placed teams to respond if I have to make such an offer.


17th JUNE - deadline for notice of withdrawals and new entries (I am already aware of one for the Silver Rook) so that the league structure can be agreed at the AGM which has the authority to move teams between divisions, provided no eligible team is denied promotion.  Late entries may be accepted after this point provided there is a space for them.


24th JUNE AGM - I am proposing to place myself at the service of the YCA once again next season.  Obviously I do not take re-election for granted and if a new controller succeeds me then he/she is free to disregard the dates below.


15th JULY - draft fixtures submitted for consultation.


19th AUGUST - fixtures confirmed, subject to any amendments made.