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Humorous Advert


There may be some blushes at Chess & Bridge if people comment on an e-mail from them today, advertising a chess computer hailed as “the most powerful chess computer ever.”  Such claims seem a trifle ambitious, though maybe the beast in question is the strongest commercially available at present.  That, though, is not the embarrassing part.


The e-mail goes on to say, “Of the built-in chess programs, Stockfish and Komodo in particular offer an extremely high playing strength that not even the current world champion Magnus Carlsen can compete with.”


Do they not know at Chess & Bridge that Ding Liren has been World Champion since 30/04/2023?  Ian Nepomniachtchi will doubtless be holding back from buying a new chess computer until they come up with a sure way of overcoming the new World Champion!


Of course, the advertising blurb will have been knocked up some time ago, possibly by the product manufacturer, with the advert being held back until the product was in stock.  However, advertising the supposedly latest up-to-date product with out-of-date data like that cannot but raise a smile.