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Games Added to Final 4NCL Weekend Report


Computer-processable pgn files of games played at the 4NCL’s final weekend in the lower divisions took some time to filter through, probably due to those doing the work getting tied up with more-pressing events starting three days later.


Finding games by Yorkshire teams interesting enough (possibly) to be published here ended up in two games being selected under a theme of “comedy of errors”.  Tact dictates that Yorkshire losses are not included, lest it discomfort the loser, but in this case I’m sure Jim Burnett won’t mind his round-10 blunder being published here, as he himself pointed it out to the writer.


The round-10 games selected were those of Tim Wall (Chessable White Rose 2) and Jim Burnett (Chessable White Rose 3) and links to the games can be found on the report page by clicking here.