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Club Contact Details etc


YCA Competitions Controller Andrew Zigmond has reported that has now sent an email out to Silver Rook captains that contains captain and venue details, going on to say he'll do the other two divisions no later than Tuesday.  (If he can do them earlier, he will).  The following is an extract from the probable text, which may in the meantime be helpful especially to new captains.


“Please find below details for the [division name] competition, together with relevant information.  All other details are correct to the best of my knowledge - IF THERE ARE ANY ERRORS PLEASE LET ME KNOW.


We are in the process of transitioning from Steve Mann's Yorkshire chess news site to a new "official" Yorkshire Chess Association site.  This is not proving quite as smooth as we hoped and I apologise for any inconvenience it may cause.  Some links given are still to Steve's site at this moment in time.


The current rules can be found here https://mannchess.org.uk/YStatic/RulesLeague.htm.  I would suggest captains have a read of these but it's not essential to know every detailed clause.  What follows is a quick "how to" for the benefit of any new captains.


The basics are eight players per team in the Woodhouse Cup and in the I.M. Brown Shield, and six players per team in the Silver Rook.  Matches start at 14:30 and the time control is 110 minutes for the game with a 10 second increment.  Where digital clocks are not available a time control of 1 hour 45 minutes for 42 moves will apply with clocks then being put back 15 minutes and game completed in the time remaining.


There is a pro forma results form which I have attached. When the match is completed, the result is to be sent to me (officially within 48 hours and by both teams).  I don't mind how it comes; some captains send the result as an attachment, others in the body of the email while photographs are also acceptable.  Results can also be posted to Flat 2, Tewit Well Court, 7 Leeds Road, Harrogate, HG2 8AW and I always say that I will accept them on the back of a cigarette packet although this hasn't happened (yet).  My one ask is that as much detail of new players is provided as possible so they can be identified if they are already in the database.


Which takes me on to the ECF rating database which can be found here  https://www.ecfrating.org.uk/v2/new/list_players.php.  For any captain not familiar with the format the best way of accessing your players grades is to use the search box on the top right for your club.  The rating list for each match is the one for that month but players don't need to be played in strict order, provided (where players on adjacent boards are out of order) the gap is no more than 150 rating points.


The results, once submitted, will be imputed by myself on the ECF League Management results software  https://ecflms.org.uk/lms/node/1395/home.   Silver Rook fixtures are not yet imputed by will be within the next few days and you should have the fixture list I sent you earlier. It's also on Steve's site here https://mannchess.org.uk/YStatic/Fixtures2022-23.htm.  I try to get the results up as quickly as possible but I work shifts and have a life outside of chess so sometimes it does take a couple of days. The data is then automatically extracted for the new grading list at the start of each month.


Any questions please feel free to ask.