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Yorkshire Junior Chess 2022-2023

A personal forward look by Peter Cloudsdale


With the good appointment of John Hipshon from Leeds as YCA Secretary for Junior Chess, the county can look forward to an interesting season.  Yorkshire is a sleeping giant and am sure real talent and success will be shown.


The Yorkshire Junior Chess Association has 3 Grand Prix dates arranged:

20th November

York - Fishergate School

11th February

Hull - Hymers College

11th March

Holmfirth Secondary School


I am willing to consider a girls’ training day and 2 Schools are available: Bradford Girls, Richard Ribeiro and Sam Rowley from Wakefield Girls, both well known to me.


Andrew Ledger from Sheffield, an IM and good teacher, is willing to help.


In York, there are Simultaneous opportunities, with 3 IMS: Richard Palliser, James Adair and Simon Ansell.


I believe AG Sunderland Cup may restart with say 3 rounds.


Yorkshire can again enter EPSCA events and juniors in county teams.


I suggest we start the ball rolling and prepare a provisional programme bearing in mind the YCA Saturday League with junior involvement.



Peter Cloudsdale