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Chess Teaching Training Course - 1st Sept - Leeds


Dan Staples, Yorkshire Coordinator for Chess in Schools and Communities, draws attention to a one-day Chess Teacher Training course planned for 01/09/2022 (a Thursday) in Leeds. An e-mail from him runs gives background and details as follows.


Chess in Schools & Communities is a charity which seeks to improve children's educational outcomes and foster their social development by introducing them to the game of chess in schools and communities.


We are always looking for Tutors and Volunteers to teach chess in schools and the community. We run regular one day training courses on our approach to teaching chess. If there is demand we are thinking of having one in Leeds on 1st September.


Interested parties should contact me (i. e. Dan, details below). There is no obligation to take it further if they come on the course.


Our courses cover:

                  Benefits of chess

                  Overview of Junior chess in the UK

                  Primary school CSC chess syllabus - an overview

                  Cross-curricular links

                  Techniques for teaching chess

                  Chess sub-games and variants

                  Running a school chess club

                  Resources and materials

                  Pieces, moves, captures, checks and checkmates practical


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Dan Staples
Yorkshire Coordinator

Chess in Schools and Communities
Head Office:
44 Baker Street, London, W1U 7RT
Tel: 020 7935 3445
Mobile: 07766 330389

Web: www.chessinschools.co.uk