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YCA Extracts from ECF Monthly Rating Lists


Whereas in the past one single annual grading/rating list was relevant to the YCA League, the list of monthly ECF ratings date-stamped with the first of the month now comes into play in Rules A16 and A17 as amended at the 2022 YCA AGM.  These monthly ratings (called “original” on the ECF rating website) remain static for a month are not to be confused with the “revised” ratings which could change on any or every day in the ensuing month for a variety of reasons.


The basis of the Yorkshire extract is the downloadable comma-separated-variable (.csv) file downloadable from the ECF Rating website via https://www.ecfrating.org.uk/v2/new/api.php?v2/rating_list_csv/2022-07-01 (adjusting the date for the relevant month), but there is no simple way of extracting an accurate "Yorkshire" player list.


Each player in the list has an associated “nominal” club code and club name, but the list does not mention other clubs with which the player is associated.  Each club in the ECF rating database has attributed to it an “association” which could be a county, a country or a national organisation like the 4NCL.  Thus, one can compile a list of clubs attributed to Yorkshire, but that is only a rough start, and the club list has to be amended as follows.

1) St Georges is excluded as the club is in fact located in Birmingham!

2) Renaissance Academy (defunct Bradford club) is excluded as its only former member still so recorded now lives and plays in Lincolnshire.

3) Clubs in N. Yorkshire which were formerly in Cleveland (abolished 1996) and are affiliated to the still extant Cleveland CA are excluded.

4) Clubs outside Yorkshire but affiliated to the Sheffield & District CA or Hull & District CA are included (cf Constitution item 3).

5) Yorkshire-based 4NCL clubs are included, though some of their players are not geographically linked to Yorkshire.


The list of players extracted on the basis of the revised club list still needs more work doing on it.

6) Yorkshire players whose “nominal” club happens to be one outside Yorkshire need storing in a supplementary “additions” list.

7) Similarly, a list of records needing omitting has to be maintained; reasons for needing omitting include the player having left Yorkshire without their “nominal” club changing accordingly, multiple records existing for the same player for one reason or another, and players attributed to “Yorkshire Congresses” etc actually being from outside Yorkshire.


Often a player’s “nominal” club in the ECF rating database is not the most appropriate, and sometimes the names are not correctly spelt, so it is desirable to maintain a list of players with improved player data.


Thus, production of the Yorkshire extract consists of extracting players whose nominal club is in the revised Yorkshire club list, adding in the known desirable additions, removing the desirable omissions, and changing player data as in the improved data list.  Fortunately, this is fairly easily done mostly programmatically.


There will always remain some omissions and some inappropriate inclusions evading the filtration techniques, and what is on the ECF Rating Website is ultimately what counts.