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Playing Equipment for Chess Congresses


People will be aware that Chess Direct Ltd is closing down.  The books etc in stock have been sold, apparently, to Chess & Bridge, and the Chess Direct website now points you in that direction for your intended purchases.  Apart from selling chess goods, Chess Direct had a stock of playing equipment which it would lend to congresses where it ran a bookstall, such as the Doncaster Congress.  The stock of playing equipment involved has in fact been sold to the Doncaster Congress.


Accordingly, the Doncaster Congress organisers are now in a position similarly to hire it out to other congresses.  (Note “hire” not “lend”, as it is envisaged some as yet undetermined fee would have to be charged to cover replacement of clock batteries, repairs etc, which expenses Chess Direct would have absorbed by profits from the bookstall.)


It is currently anticipated that the South Lakes and Nottingham congresses will be availing themselves of this facility.


There are about 150 sets and boards, and about 86 digital clocks (about 56 of one type and about 30 of another type).


Any congress possibly wishing to hire this equipment should contact Doncaster Congress secretary Jim Burnett on 01302 710 730.