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Why the Change in Name?


Firstly, to save typing, I copy and paste from this website’s “About” page:


This website was launched in September 2017, as a YCA Year Book website, originally having been intended to


>  make available, on line, Year Book content,

    with some additional related material,

>  show mid‑season corrections and changes to club‑related information,


to which purposes were later added


>  showing mid-season changes and additions to the Event Calendar,

>  showing Event Results/Reports not covered by other sites, (see Home page) and

>  making generally available such Notices as may be contributed (see Home page).


The last three items were added in response to suggestions, ideas and wishes expressed by Yorkshire chess organisers from around the county.  Making a success of these added objectives inevitably depends on “proactive” journalistic endeavour on my part (something which can wane over time), but openness to external contributions is part of the underlying raison d’etre.


At the YCA AGM on 16/06/2018, in view of the discontinuing of the yorkhirechess.org website, which had hitherto been regarded as the “YCA website”, this website was adopted as the “YCA website”, though it remains independently owned and run.  The aim is to fulfil such requirements the YCA might have of such a website.


Steve Mann,

September 2017, revised June 2018


Jobs such as preparing the Year Book have in the past normally been performed by people such as the YCA Hon. Sec., the YCA Grader and so on, in other words by Officers of the Association.  As from 18/06/2022, however, I myself have not been an Officer of the Association so it is perhaps inappropriate that I should be either Year Book editor (not a problem as that has been discontinued) or Website Manager.


Changes in the YCA Management


At the 2022 YCA AGM, some new YCA officers were elected with aspirations which I would expect to include setting up an official YCA website owned and run by the YCA as such and controlled by them, as opposed to a privately owned surrogate website.  Hitherto, YCA Officers have been more than happy, as far as I know, to allow me editorial independence, but I suspect that may not be the case in future, hence the need for change and clarity.  Of course, diplomatically telling me support from my website was no longer required might be problematical for those concerned, so I am making that easier by creating a sort of vacuum into which any new official non-surrogate YCA website can slot without embarrassment.


Another consideration is that over time my website has tended more and more to extend beyond the YCA and Yorkshire more broadly, as for instance exemplified by my present coverage of the Candidates tournament, which is hardly Yorkshire-related!


How Does This Change This Website?


In summary, initially not a lot.


The name at the top of the Home page and at the top of new webpages added will be “Yorkshire Chess News”.  I tried to think of something more interesting than “News” but failed!  Old pages pre-dating 28/06/2022 will retain the word “Association”.


I aim to continue running the news-reporting and notices in the main part of my website as hitherto, so contributors are welcome to come forward as they have done in the past, should they see fit.


The side panel which contained the “Year Book” elements (some of the former “semi-static” contents) will be retained but headed “Yorkshire Chess Association”.  I envisage that the “Year Book” parts of my website will go in time - maybe next week, who knows?  That depends on how fast any new arrangements come into place.


As for 2022-23 material now under “Yorkshire Chess Association”, I am leaving them there for now, as I do not wish to pull the rug from under the feet of hard-working YCA Officials.  However, I do not feel it appropriate for me, not being a YCA Official any longer, to go out to Constituent Members asking for “club” information such as secretary, captain and venue details, so these pages will be updated only should YCA officials so request, on a basis which no longer involves me being pro-active in that area.  Text requiring minimum editing by me would be preferred.  Existing text on the website can be copied and edited for submission to me.


If there are no plans for a new website, then it might better-suit the YCA management if the “Yorkshire Chess Association” element were adapted to provide for “Official YCA Notices” separate from what I myself or others contribute to the main website, but I expect (and recommend) them to go for the new website option.