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Chess at a Geek Retreat Near You


Geek Retreat is a franchise-run chain of establishments described as “a ‘geek culture’ retailer, gaming cafe, and events hub rolled into one.”  It started in 2013 in Glasgow, but has now about 20 branches in England in places ranging from Sunderland southwards to Daventry, including Barnsley, Bradford, Halifax, Harrogate, Huddersfield, Hull, Leeds, Rotherham, Wakefield and York.


Looking at the calendar for the branch in Rotherham, high on the schedule of activities are Pokemon, Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer, and Magic, as well as the occasional Craft & Chatter, Knit & Natter and even Bingo!  No mention of chess, or indeed draughts, bridge or Go.


However, Steve Westmoreland reports, “We have another chess club setting up in the area.  This is at the Geek Retreat Cafe in Huddersfield, aimed at children and adults.  The manager, Camilla, is also looking to start chess at her ESOL (English as a second language) group at Bradford College.”


Looking at the Huddersfield Geek Retreat calendar, there are also Junior Blood Bowl and Yu-Gi-Oh! on offer, but, more importantly, on Saturday from 12:00 to 15:00 there is


So, chess may soon be appearing at a Geek Retreat near you!