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From Ukraine with Love for Chess


The steady trickle of chess-advertising e-mails tends to be for books on openings you would never dream of playing, by authors you have never heard of . . . .


However, the latest e-mail of the genre, from Chess & Bridge Ltd, was different.  “From Ukraine with Love for Chess” is being offered for £17.95 (plus £2.99 for the cheaper despatch option) – and there are other suppliers.


The chief point is that it says:

“The proceeds of this book will support Ukrainian charities.”


The blurb is slightly confusing, causing a check on the provenance of the e-mail.  It refers to “FIDE World Champion Ruslan Ponomariov”.  Have they not heard of Magnus Carlsen at Chess & Bridge?  Actually, Ponomariov won the FIDE World Chess Championship in 2002.  (I forgot that – if I ever knew.  Still, “former” would seem appropriate.)


The sample pdf, which seems de rigueur these days, lists interesting contents, then an annotated game in which Alexander Beliavsky as Black defeated Boris Gelfand at Linares in 1991.


Chapter I: The Pioneers features Leonid Stein, Vladimir Savon, Gennady Kuzmin, Vladimir Tukmakov and Alexander Beliavsky.  Nostalgic stuff.  To those too young to remember Alexander Beliavsky, born 17/12/1953 in Lviv, Ukraine, and the others listed, I extend my sympathies.  The older you get, the more happy memories you have – with any luck!


I have ordered a copy [PS received 2 days later - more than meets my expectations], primarily on the basis of support for Ukrainian charities, but also in the expectation of an interesting and somewhat nostalgic read.


Steve Mann,