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World Championship Rest Day 1


Monday 29th November is the first rest day in the current World Championship match.  The schedule for the potential 14 standard-play games of the 2021-22 World Championship incorporates 5 rest days, where “rest” includes the opportunity for more-intense opening preparation for the next game.  In this instance, Carlsen, knowing he was White in the next game, can prepare his opening as White.  Preparation is less easy for Niepomniashchy since as Black he cannot know very precisely what to prepare for.  If Carlsen prepares the Grob (1. g4), then Niepomniashchy will have been wasting his time fine-tuning his response to 1. d4.


Superficially, Carlsen has this “advantage” on three rest days (before games 4, 6 and 14) but Niepomniashchy has it only twice (before games 9 and 11).  However, Niepomniashchy knew he had White in the first game two days beforehand, so, for these purposes, the day before game 1 was his first turn at this preparation “advantage”.