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York Inter-School Team Competition


Prior to the notorious teachers’ strike of 1985, or whenever it was, school chess leagues seemed to fold, primarily, it seems, because staff would not continue extra-curricular activities like running chess clubs.  That is certainly what happened in Sheffield, and there was certainly an inter-schools league in Doncaster before that time.  One assumes this is what happened in the other cities and major towns.


Non-teaching chess-players later tried to stimulate chess activity in individual schools in Sheffield, and a sometime member of Rotherham Chess Club for some time ran a chess club at the Sheffield school at which he was a member of the teaching staff around the 1990s.  However, local inter-school competition, which for so many of us, alongside the “Sunday Times” competiion, was the starting point for careers in organised competitive chess, have largely receded into history, along with the dinosaurs.  In York, inter-school chess lingered on somewhat longer (1990s?), but that seems eventually to have faded as well.


A welcome initiative, therefore, is one which has arisen in York recently, evidently being driven by Ben Rich, described in the following extract from a notice circulated in York: