Yorkshire Chess Association





Local League Resumption


It appears 6 out of the 9 local leagues in Yorkshire have started a relatively normal, albeit slimline, over-the-board 2021-22 league season already, or are poised so to do.  These six leagues are those of Bradford, Calderdale, Doncaster, Hull, Leeds and York.  Most have fixtures set up on LMS, but Doncaster and York seem slower in getting off the mark in that respect.


Numbers of teams and divisions etc are generally somewhat reduced, and the Doncaster League, which of the 9 is next to the smallest, is reportedly down from 6 participating clubs to 4, or possibly 5 (rumours vary).


Sheffield had earlier decided to postpone over-the-board chess until January 2022 at the earliest.  Meanwhile it has just started a third on-line league competition in three divisions, and has this time added an on-line team KO event.  These events finish on 17th February, so perhaps an OTB Summer League, perhaps starting earlier than usual, may be on the cards.


Harrogate, whose league is smallest of all, looks to be on hold, which fact is supported by the fact that Harrogate Chess Club has entered 2 teams in the Leeds League.


Huddersfield area has a burst of OTB activity with the Holly & the Ivy Chess League scheduled to run from 8th September to 8th December 2021, but the full normal suite of Huddersfield & DCA events is evidently on hold.