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York C Captain and “Year Book” Information Generally


Firstly, York C now has a team captain in the person of Noel Stewart, for whom details are to be found on the Club Information page.


Secondly, A4 Word (.docx) versions of certain pages of this site, whose content would in the past have been contained in the 2021-22 Year Book, have been added to the website with links to them on their respective parent webpages.  These are:



Note that the Constitution and Rules remain as in the 2019-20 YCA Year Book but for provision for the change from 3-digit grades to 4-digit ratings.  Note also that the Club Information will change again, and is an evolving document.


Many people will be content to access the information on the relevant pages of this website, but some may find it convenient to download the above Word versions and print them off.


There may be those who would prefer hard copies but do not have printing facilities.  Therefore, I am willing to consider requests from such people for me to send them hard copies of the first three, printed by me – obviously I would need the relevant postal address – but I say “consider” lest I am deluged with such requests.


I do not really want to be printing rating lists, since team captains need only to make their own notes of the ratings of their own players.