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4NCL On-Line Season 4


The 4th season of on-line 4NCL team events commences on 24/08/2021.


In season 2 there were 218 teams, arranged in divisions each (except for the lowest) made up of four 8-team all-play-all groups, providing 4 teams for a knock-out final stage.  The lowest division was run as a simple Swiss event.


In season 3 there were 258 teams, these teams being arranged in 7 divisions.  Divisions 1 to 6 were of 32 teams, while Division 7 was of 66 teams.  The idea of sections had been scrapped, with each Division being run initially as a 7-round Swiss tournament, followed by a final knock-out phase among the top four teams.


In the new season, season 4, teams are down to 182, presumably due to clubs anticipating a return to a moderate amount of over-the-board local league chess.  The format has therefore reverted to that used in season 2.  There are five divisions.  Each of the first four divisions consists of four 8-team all-play-all sections providing 4 teams for a knock-out final stage.  The fifth division is a simple 54-team Swiss event.


This time there are 13 Yorkshire-based teams, 3 less than last season;

Chessable White Rose still has 3 teams;

Hull & Beverley Romans are now Hull and East Riding Romans, still with 2 teams;

Bradford Knights have dropped one team, now having only 2 teams;

the Chessmates team has vanished;

Darnall & Handsworth (Sheffield) still has 1 team;

the Sheffield Deaf team has vanished, the players involved perhaps joining Deaf England;

St Andrews White Cross has dropped a team, now having just 1 team;

Eagle and Child (York) still has 1 team;

Hebden Bridge has added an extra team, now having 3 teams.


To the above 13 teams may be added, as a (symbolically) Yorkshire-based team, the new “Sheffield Uni 70‘s Graduates” team.  This has arisen from the Sheffield University 1970s Alumni team which recently played an on-line match with the current Sheffield University players (for which see here on the Sheffield & DCA website), and is the brainchild of Charlie Higgie.


The 14 teams mentioned take their places in the overall competition structure as follows:


Division 1

Group A

Hull & East Riding Romans 1


Group C

Chessable White Rose 1


Group D

Chessable White Rose 2

Division 2

Group C

Bradford DCA Knights A


Group D

Hull & East Riding Romans 2

Division 3

Group A

Chessable White Rose 3



Darnall & Handsworth


Group D

Bradford DCA Knights B

Division 4

Group A

Eagle and Child


Group D

St Andrews White Cross

Division 5

Hebden Bridge 1



Hebden Bridge 2



Hebden Bridge 3



Sheffield Uni '70s Graduates