Yorkshire Chess Association





Regional County Challenge, Summer 2021



A final call for entries to this event, mentioned earlier (here, item 2), have been sent out to all and sundry.  The closing date/time for entries is 10pm on 1 August.  Back then it seemed unlikely Yorkshire would be able to play in it, and that presumably remains true.  (Nobody seems to have indicated otherwise.)  Match dates are 14 August, 4 September and 25 September, so making arrangements for a venue for the first match potentially difficult at this late stage.


Interesting for some, however, will be the Covid-mitigation approach. 


Players are required to wear face coverings (mask or visor) unless medically exempt or under 11 years of age.  (Regs. B2.5)


A game involving an unmasked player must be played on two boards, as covered in Section E of ECF Tournament Rules, unless the opponent is willing to play an unmasked opponent at a single board.


A player due to play an unmasked opponent may decline to play, in which case the game is to be scored as 0-0 (which might be contentious).  (Regs. B2.6)


Through ventilation of the venue is required either by air-conditioning that refreshes using outside air, or based on either an open door and window or two or more open windows that are not adjacent without compromising safety or security.  (Regs. F1)


The position of the playing tables must provide at least 1 metre between players, where players are masked.  For a game with one or more unmasked players, the players must not be facing each other, and the tables must provide at least 2 metres between an unmasked player and any other player.  (Regs. F2)


There are further Covid-related requirements, including ones regarding conduct of players.  No spectators are allowed.


Whilst seemingly not mentioned in the Regulations, organisers (home team captains or whoever) need to supply hand-sanitisation facilities.  The guide to players says, “Sanitise hands on entry to and exit from the Playing Area and during play as appropriate (always before and after touching your eyes, nose or mouth).”


So the approach is based on masks, ventilation, distancing and sanitisation, but does not involve requirements involving vaccination or testing.


Relevant ECF documents can be accessed on the ECF website via the following links: