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Updated ECF Covid Guidance


The ECF website’s Covid Guidance page (https://www.englishchess.org.uk/ecf-covid-19-helpful-articles/) has today been updated reflecting the terms of the 19th July Step 4 of relaxation of lockdown.


There seems little change.  It still seems geared more to “events” such as congresses, and seems to completely shy away from any suggestions or recommendations regarding specifics in connection with league chess, with its complications which do not arise with congresses, such as multiple clubs each with different internal club policies, and their venues’ different policies imposed on club members and visiting team members alike.


It will be interesting to see how the various local associations address these things, and to what extent they take on board the sort of considerations discussed in the ECF’s proposed risk assessment document.  How many clubs will even bother about such things?


Sheffield & DCA has deferred organised over-the-board matches until January 2022 at the earliest, continuing instead with on-line inter-club team chess..  Meanwhile clubs are invited to arrange friendlies.  Thereby, it is hoped, such problems as potentially exist will come to the fore, but differences of opinion will not be “disputes”.