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2021 British Chess Championships


The 2021 over-the-board British Championships, which would have taken place in July/August 2021, in Torquay, were cancelled some time ago, with a plan to hold a second on-line British Championship event instead.


Those with qualifications for the 2021 OTB Championships are thereby qualified for the planned 2022 OTB Championships, in Torquay.


The second on-line British Chess Championships are now scheduled for 24/07/2021 to 08/08/2021, with a novel twist.  The on-line event will involve initial “group” events from which players qualify for finals, but, and this is the novelty, those qualifying for the on-line finals will also be invited to participate in additional over-the-board finals to take place in hotels in early October, with accommodation available at the venues.


Holding different finals (Open, Women’s, Seniors’ and Juniors’ standard-play championships) in separate hotels serves to reduce the complexity of Covid mitigation, but of course hampers those players who, between moves, like to wander round other events to see what is going on there.


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