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Website Revamp


Until it was decided to abandon the 2019-20 YCA League programme as unfinished, it was not very clear for a while whether we were still in season 2019-20, or in a hybrid 2019-21 season, but now we know we can say we are in season 2020-21, albeit an unusual season 2020-21.  League results from 2019-20 have now been relocated in the website’s league-result archives.


There was, of course, no 2020-21 YCA Year Book, and this offers a chance to tidy up the website, whose left-hand panel still reflected season 2019-20.


This website started out as an on-line version of the Year Book, and was rigidly structured and set up as such.  When it got converted to serve also as the YCA website, a roof-rack had to be fitted, the backrest of the rear seating had to be flattened to create more room in the boot, and two trailers had to be attached.


So, the opportunity has been taken to restructure the website by ditching linkage to the Year Book structure, and to make things look more like a purpose-designed YCA website.  The roof-rack functions have been incorporated into the main bodywork, and the boot has been tidied up, but the two trailers are still attached, as they seem to work reasonably well.


The main visible change lies in the “Semi-Static Contents” list in the left-hand panel of the Home page, which no longer reflects traditional Year Book structure.  Another change will be the disappearance of the “Contents” panel in future on pages other than the Home page.  To navigate elsewhere, first hit “I<< Home” near the top left.  (The old left-hand panel will remain on old event reports and notices, unless time and inclination is found to remove them; they are not “web-bot” plug-ins, nor easily-changed frame contents, as these days, for some reason, frames are pooh-poohed and will not necessarily be supported by browsers for ever, admirably useful though they seem to be.)


The idea is that when (I hesitate to say “if and when”) things return to something like normal, then club details like Yorkshire League captains and venues will be reinstated by incorporation into the “Club Information” page, with all categories of club data listed together under a club’s name.  If and when the Year Book is printed again, then club information might be represented there in the same way.



Steve Mann