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Year Book 2019-20 Contents



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Revised Match Result Form


An earlier variety of match result sheet, designed as a Word “form” (with .doc suffix for those with Word 97-2003) has been adjusted to meet current needs, with only 8 boards, and dropping reference to the A. G. Sunderland Cup, has been prepared, and it has  “been approved” by Andrew Zigmond.  (See here.  You may need to switch to “Print layout” if it opens in “Read mode”.)


The fixed body of the form is protected, and to fill in the form on your computer you click on a grey field either to enter data directly (the fields with circles in), or to select from a drop-list to pick things such as competition name, game result (1‑0, ½‑½, 0‑1 and 0‑1) of match result (8-0 through to 0-8).  The date is validated and must be in format “dd/mm/yy” (not “dd/mm/yyyy”).


If you want a hard-copy blank, then just print the blank form, and the grey bits will not show on the printed form.


If you cannot manage with the “form”, then a simple “type-it-all-yourself” Word document can be found here.


There is a link to the form on the Home page.