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ECF Direct Member Representatives


In the annual exercise for the appointment of the Direct Member Representatives on ECF Council, there were no posts with more applicants than places to fill (2 per membership category), and so the membership was not called on to vote.  The following were accordingly appointed:





Stewart Reuben,

Gerry Walsh (replacing John Wickham)


Francis Bowers,

[vacancy – as before]


Lorin D’Costa,

Rob Willmoth (replacing Roger Emerson)


John Reyes,

Keith Jones (replacing Michael Farthing)


Angus French,

Charles Higgie (replacing Gareth Ellis)


Sheffield players with long memories will remember “Charlie” Higgie, born 29/11/1957 near the Leics./Warks. border, as a somewhat extravert Sheffield University player of the later 1970s.  He has been resident in Malpas, Cheshire, for all but the first few years of his life; in fact the writer and another Sheffield player stayed at Charlie’s abode in Malpas while playing in the Chester Congress in about 1983, at which time Charlie was standing for election to the local town council.  (He got in.)


Incidentally, his middle initial “L” stands for his late mother’s maiden name “Lowick”, and, enigmatically, the ECF grading list shows him as “Lowick Higgie, Charles”, as though he had a double-barrelled surname.


Since Charlie is not averse to vigorous debate, he should add to Angus French’s challenging participation in ECF Council Meetings.


Each Bronze, Silver or Gold Direct-Member Representative wields 6 votes; the others 1 vote each.  (Anyone interested in what an ECF Council Meeting voting register typically looks like can see one in pdf on this website here.)


Steve Mann

YCA Delegate to ECF