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Organisation Membership of ECF


Organisations such as local associations and independent congresses, also clubs, are entitled to seek to become Member Organisations of the ECF, giving voting rights at ECF Council Meetings.  Provided the organisation submits more than a minimum of results per annum for ECF grading (about 20 to 30), such membership is free.


Given that the ECF April Finance Meeting is where individual membership fees are set, and the budget is approved (or not), then it makes sense for eligible organisations to take up membership and have some influence.  To have a say, it is best for your delegate to attend meetings in person, though there is provision an organisation to formally appoint, in advance, another attender of the meeting to carry proxy votes.


The number of votes an organisation receives is in proportion to the number of grading results submitted, with a minimum of one vote.  Currently, the Leeds and Hull associations receive 3 votes each, Bradford & DCA receives 1, Doncaster Congress receives 1, Scarborough Congress receives 2, and the British Rapidplay receives 1.


The following, it seems to me, should now be seeking to become ECF Member Organisations:

Bradford Congress (if independent of Bradford & DCA)

Calderdale ECL

Darnall & Handsworth Rapidplay

Doncaster & DCA

Harrogate ECL

Huddersfield & DCA

Huddersfield Congress (if independent of Huddersfield & DCA)

Sheffield & DCA

York & DCA

Yorkshire JCA

. . . . and possibly also

Harrogate Chess Club (on basis of its club championship enough results?)

York RI Chess Club (on basis of its internal club events).


A form for applying for Organisation Membership can be found on the ECF website at https://www.englishchess.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/ECF-organisation-application.doc.


Steve Mann