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Rotherham Online Winter Rapid and Classical Event Results


Winter Rapid Tournament


Former British Correspondence champion Chris Shephard demonstrated his prowess at a much quicker variation of the game when he emerged victorious in the closely fought Winter Rapid tournament run by the Rotherham Online website.


Shephard (Sheffield Nomads) finished just half a point ahead of the field with 5/6 in the six-round competition which was played at the rate of 15 minutes, plus a 10 seconds per move increment.  He was followed by three players all on four and a half points with Oliver Brennan (Rotherham) clinching second place with the best tie-break score.  It was the first time that Brennan, who set up the award-winning site two years ago, had finished on the honours board despite entering many of the competitions.


Peter Ackley (Chesterfield) came third after drawing with Shephard in the last round, with Hillsborough's Ben Wood finishing fourth on the same score.


Twenty-eight players, mostly from Yorkshire but from India, took part in the open-to-all tournament.


The key game between the top two with Shephard playing the white pieces can be seen here...https://lichess.org/7B5qMLiW#0


For full results including cross-table see https://rotherhamonlinechess.azurewebsites.net/winter-rapid-2022.


Classical Competition


A Classical competition, split into two graded sections, was held alongside the main event with games played at the rate of 30 minutes, plus a 30 seconds per move increment.


The strong A section was won in remarkable style by Moortown's very fast-moving Richard Allis who, because of the increment, finished all but one of his games with more time on his clock than when he started!


Allis clinched victory on tie-break ahead of Deji Jeje, from the Sheffield-based SASCA club, who he beat in their individual encounter, both men finishing on 4/5.


Third, on three and a half points, was Peter Ackley who drew with the winner in the last round.  Jeje's only defeat in the 15-player competition came against the winner when he had Black in the fourth round.  The game can be found here...https://lichess.org/NrRk4ccd#0.


Full results for A section: https://rotherhamonlinechess.azurewebsites.net/s8-a.


Winner of the B section, again on tie-break, was Rotherham's Nathaniel Holroyd-Doveton.


Holroyd-Doveton lost to Rotherham teammate John Baker in the penultimate round but won all his other games to finish level with Gary Hunter (South Shields) at the top of leaderboard with 4/5.  Baker was beaten by Hunter in the final round and finished outright third on three and a half points.  For the final-round game Holroyd-Doveton v Steve Gibson (Sheffield Deaf) see https://lichess.org/dIzFQoaj#0.


Fourteen players took part.


For full results for B section see https://rotherhamonlinechess.azurewebsites.net/s8-b.